Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Boo Hoo Post Surgery "Run"

It has been 19 days since my Wisdom Teeth Extraction.
I am still unable to eat normal foods, and oh yeah... one side of my mouth is swollen and on the other side I still have some light bruising.

Really?  does this ever end?

I guess it will end soon enough (I hope).

The Running man and I am on vacation with my parents this weekend. It's really nice that they purchased on of these vacation club condos. We LOVE coming to Orlando. Especially since we purchased Year passes to Universal Studios.

On Saturday we went to Universal rode a couple of rides and then met my parents for dinner in the condo. Last Wednesday at the appointment with my oral surgeon I asked if I could start running. Reluctantly he allowed it. He only asked that if I was in pain, I would stop.

Today, I went on my first run. It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Orlando. I was so excited to have a lake to run around and a new path to explore. Sadly,... as I ran my teeth started to hurt. It was SO frustrating because I wasn't tired. ... my teeth hurt - but I wasn't tired.

Tomorrow I am going to hit up the gym and try the stationary bike. Hopefully a less impact exercise will help.

Baby sister wants to try the water aerobics tomorrow at 11.

So, it's a busy active day for us and I can't wait!

Stay Sporty!

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