Monday, October 22, 2012

My early Birthday gift.

Everyone loves Santa, right?

Well, that's what I thought. Until I married my husband that is. ... Honestly, of all the things we talked about prior to marriage, Santa Clause was not one of the topics. I'm not really sure why. ... Anyway.

Santa was a big part of my Christmas experience. We had Santa decorations, we volunteered at Christmas Parties in the Hospital, we took our picture with Santa every year and really looked forward to the fun of Santa.

Don't misunderstand, we know the true meaning of Christmas and we celebrated the birth of Christ and the free gift of Salvation. We just also had fun with Santa.

My husband was the total opposite. Santa wasn't a part of Christmas at all. ...

I'll never forget the first Christmas we were married. We were on our honeymoon cruise in the middle of the ocean as December 25th rolled around. Guess who was on board. ... Santa! Allegedly, we didn't see him but we heard he was there.

Santa has no longer been an item of conversation around Christmas.

Until this year!

For my birthday, my husband offered to fly me to Chicago to participate in the Santa Hustle half marathon!!

Did you read that right?

the SANTA hustle. ...

I declined the opportunity to go in Chicago and run. However, I DID agree to go to the race in Florida.

I am SO excited to be running with my husband dressed as Santa the weekend after my Birthday.

It is going to be the best birthday ever!!

So, thank you husband.

How about you, have you ever run a Santa Hustle? 
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