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Pretty Muddy - Miami (Winner Announcement!)


Out of 8 eligible entries, I am pleased to announce the entry 3 was the winner! 
Congratulations Vania!! You have just won 1 registration to Pretty Muddy Miami. 
Please respond to my email by Monday in order to claim your prize! 

*The winner was selected using
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Good Morning, Future Mud Running Ladies!

I am so excited to announce that I have been given the unique opportunity to run in the Pretty Muddy, Women's only Mud Run! That's right, a women's only Mud Run. This event is described as:
Pretty Awesome
Pretty Fun
Pretty Sweaty
Pretty Messy. 

I've never run a Mudder, so I'm pretty excited to be participating in this Pretty mud race. It's going to be fabulous!  How much have you fallen in love with the concept of this race? It's pretty awesome right!

Check out this video from the Chicago run.

When is it?

Saturday, November 17th 2012.

It's right around the corner and so we don't have much time! Here's what I want you to do...
- Ladies,  Register to join my team! - Muddy Princess
- Gentleman, Volunteer!

What? you want to WIN something?

Well friends, it's your lucky day! I have been given 1 registration for the race! :) Below, there are several ways for you to enter and win! (Remember, only girls can participate in the event!) Please participate fairly as I will be moderating this give away.

Good Luck!
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Disclaimer: I was given one registration for myself and one to give away. The opinions posted are my very own. 

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