Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fat Booth

Wisdom Teeth Post 1.

How many have you have downloaded "The Fat Booth". Be honest, you know you have downloaded it, taken pictures of your friends, yourself, your family and perhaps your pets. You laugh because the application blows your face up into proportions that are abnormal! Trust me, as a heavy person... I know what my face looked like with real fat. That fat booth app. ... not so normal.

Now to my point.

The swelling has gone down in most of my face. However, my cheeks are still a little larger than normal. I had my appointment with the Oral Surgeon today. He assured me that due to the complexity of my Wisdom Teeth Extraction, the swelling in my cheeks was normal and should go away soon.

[If you have a weak tummy, skip this part]

I'd been having some serious pain and nausea over the last few days. In addition to the pain, swelling and nausea I've been overly emotional. My new favorite person (my oral surgeon) cleaned out my teeth and told me that he was proud of me. [insert gold star].  He also taught The Incredible Hubs how to clean my wounds too! (Just in case I get too grossed out).

Anyway, I can't thank my husband enough for everything. If you know him, you know he doesn't have the strongest tummy. I was so proud of him for helping me through all of this. I have another follow up on Wednesday morning. Prayerfully, I will continue to heal and the pain and nausea will continue to go away.

[Okay, squirmy peeps - you can read again]

I haven't really announced this much. However, I think it's time for something not so gross and depressing for my blog.

Now that I'm a comfortable couple of LBS below I can confidently admit that less than 200 pounds!
Okay,... It was VERY (I mean) VERY VERY hard for me to actually admit my weight. However, I have found myself to be my biggest inspiration and I wanted to share that success with you. If someone else is inspired by my small victory, I count myself blessed. If not, ...well. Who cares? This blog is MY journey.

How am I celebrating?

New Jeans!

I haven't owned a pair of jeans that actually fit since January. Therefore, I will (hopefully) do my happy dance in some New Jeans!

How about you, have you hit any weight loss mile stones lately? 

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