Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012 a.k.a. My Dad's Birthday!

First things first!

Happy Birthday to the best Dad ever. He has always supported me no matter what. When (at 15) I told him I was going to Marry Mr. Handsome, he just gave me a hug and said "okay, sweet heart..." He never told me I was crazy to make such statements. When I told him I was going to graduate school, he was supportive ... when I told him I was dropping out of graduate school ... he was still supportive. ... I'm telling you! He's the BEST, and I'm truly thankful that he's my dad!

It is also an Election Year!!

I exercised my freedom to vote this evening. It was my first time voting in this county and let me tell you. ... I have NEVER.IN.MY.LIFE. waited to vote. ... In the small town where I voted for my first 2 elections, I waited a grand total of 15 minutes. Okay, I understand. ... I am young... so to make a statement as dramatic as "never in my life" BUT! I waited over 2 hours to vote. It was exhausting!!

Things to Remember about 2012 Election
1) My voting location is walking distance from my front door - like a 1 minute walk.
2) I met some of my neighbors (yeah, after 2 years I finally met some neighbors).


Now, I am cuddled on my couch watching the United States map become filled with Red and Blue.

Have a positive evening!

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