Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Chase!

Please excuse typos, I'm typing from my phone on my lunch break. :)

As you know, weekly chase first appeared on! Check it it for more great chases!!

Last week!! I chased 4 things and caught 3.

1) turkey trot - done!! (Will recap tomorrow)
2) train 3 days - done. done & DONE!
3) yoga 1x = fail!! Haha
4) prepare for Christmas - done (see picture below)

This week, I'm chasing 4 things.
1) drop off donations at goodwill!
2) train 4 days
3) Jillian michaels 3 days
4) eat low carb

I'm trying to loose some good ole LB's before Christmas soooo eat more veggies and less cookies!

What are you chasing?

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