Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 by the 5th!

Join me as I attempt to run a 5-miler by the 5th of each month (January - June).

The Idea. 

Laura of, is co-hosting a 5 by the 5th challenge from January until June. Last Labor Day, I ran in her virtual 5-miler and had a blast! (Recap) Since I had so much fun before, I thought ...why not? I could use a few more fun runs in my life. Right? It will give me some inspiration to blog about anyways. :)

So, here's the deal! The race begins with the Resolution Run in January and you can download your racing bib on her site  If you are in Miami or Houston, there are opportunities to actually link up and run with some people (I'm considering joining the Miami group)

This virtual race series also has some prize incentive associated with it, so be sure to check out Laura's blog for all the details and to register!

Additional shout out to Amanda (@runtothefinish) she is teaming up with Laura for this race series.

Comment below if you are planning to, or have already joined this virtual race!

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