Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Sporty Little Christmas - Crystal

We have 2 more Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador's to feature as part of the 2012 Sporty Little Christmas! This has been SO fun!! (right!) 

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What is your favorite sport?
My favorite sport is any in which I can stay active and have fun at the same time. Over the years I have played volleyball, softball, ran track, threw discus and shot put, held the school record for hammer throw, participated in show choir, won a women’s push up contest, bench pressed 3 sets of 15 at 185lbs, completed a century bike ride, represented the US for swimming in New Zealand and Australia, played on an all male water-polo team, ran some half marathons, 10ks, and 5ks, raced mountain bikes and cyclocross, competed in many disciplines of archery (compound, recurve and 3D), participated in triathlons, swam in a 2.4 mile race, and coached numerous athletes in a variety of disciplines.

What is your favorite race distance?
My favorite distance is definitely the half marathon with the 5k a close second. I like the half because I can do it with relatively little training, but it still feels like a big accomplishment each time I finish. The 5k on the other hand is a great race for having fun with friends, dressing up, or getting to be a part of someone's first ever race.

How long have you been running?
off and on since jr high track (about 16 years)

What advice would you give to someone who has never run a race before?
Start slow and have fun. Without one or the other, chances of failure (especially long term) are high.

What is your favorite race memory?
I did a breast cancer awareness 5k with my mother-in-law. Not only is she a breast cancer survivor, but this was her first race of her life. She has never been into fitness or working out, but she started walking almost daily and this race was the culmination. It was an awesome experience to see her face as she started to run with 100 yards left and we crossed the finish line together!

What are you most thankful for this Holiday Season?
This year I am most thankful for the communities I have in my life. Whether it be my family, my friends or random strangers online that have been brought together by shared goals, I feel very blessed to know that I have people to both motivate me when things are going well and support me when I am struggling. I am thankful that I have people close by that I can talk to and see in person, but I am also thankful for those that may be far in distance, but are close in heart!

What is your favorite Holiday Movie?
Any hallmark channel original movie...I am a sucker for all of them :)

Inspirational Quote:
Hill hurt, couches kill!"

Dead Flat Last is better than Did Not Finish which is still better than Did Not Start.

Twitter: fun2race
Instagram: cjg800

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