Friday, December 14, 2012

A Sporty Little Christmas - Marielle

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Shout Out to Marielle of

What is your favorite Sport?
Well to play it would definitely be soccer....played it since I was 5. But to watch it would be football! (my husband would be so proud that I just said that)

If you are a runner, what is your favorite race distance and why?
Half Marathon for sure! (13.1). Its a challenging, but more simple to train for than a full. I so admire people that train for marathons, I did it once and was so happy to do it, but was also happy to have my life back. :)

How long have you been running?
Racing for 7 years

What is your favorite Holiday Movie?
National Lampoon's Christmas vacation

What advice would you give to someone who has never run a race before?
Start small and don't get overwhelmed and compare yourself to others. Run the race for you. Find a running buddy and sign up for a 5K together. It's always nice to have someone with you on race day. Listen to your body and just get out there and try. You will finish and you can do it.

What is your favorite race memory?
It was the last .2 miles of my first full marathon. I remember turning the corner and my legs felt like they weighed about 100 pounds, but seeing the finish line and my friends cheering for me gave me a boost of adrenaline to make it to the end without collapsing. Lol!

What are you most thankful for this Holiday Season?
As cliche' as it sounds, I'm thankful for my hubby, family, friends, and my job. It's the simple things that matter. I'm also excited that we will be able to spend Christmas and New Years in Seattle this year. Last year we were in Dallas with my hubby's family, and this year it's my turn! :)

Inspirational Quote:
"You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them."

Instagram: Marielleburch
Twitter: @FitGirlPW

Marielle, have fun with your family!

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