Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Hello Ladies, 

Guess WHAT! Another mud run is coming our way!! (Oh - you noticed this post was addressed to ladies?, YES! It's a Women's Run!)

When is it? 

January 19th, 2013! 

I'm not  going to lie. When I left my last mud race, I wasn't really sure if I would do another one. However, I'm not very good at saying NO to participating in races! I just LOVE everything about running. There is a certain adrenaline rush that comes when you get into position to start, and when you see the end of the race. It is ADDICTIVE!  

Ladies, if you haven't done a fun run. You certainly must try it! 

In fact, I'm trying to convince my in-laws to join me! 

What am I getting myself into? 
There are a bunch of obstacles  and challenges (don't worry - nothing too tough) throughout the course. You can actually see them on this site!

I had a lot of fun clicking on the interactive map. 

About Dirty Girl

Or, the cliffs notes! 

Dirty Girl is on a mission to inspire women to jump out of that zone we love so much (the comfort zone) and create lasting memories! Dirty Girl also partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise financial support. 

I have more to share. However, I must continue on with my Saturday chores! 

In case you aren't completely ready to commit, I leave you with one more incentive. ... 
Since, I was asked to help spread the word about this upcoming race, I was also given a discount code to share! 

So, take a look at the sites and register! 

Discount Code: FLBLOGGUEST

Also. ... 
Anyone who registers for the Miami, Jacksonville or Tampa Dirty Girl Mud Run between Dec. 5th and 11:59 PM on Dec. 24th will automatically be entered to win a gym membership of her choice valued up to $500

Anyone in Alabama wants to run this race, AND get a discount? Check out Holly's post!

This is a sponsored post. The company who sponsored it provided me with 1 registration code to attend the Dirty Girl Mud Run in exchange for the post. Regardless, I recommend this race for my readers to check out. 

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