Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Eve of Christmas Eve

The Eve of Christmas Eve (12/23) is my most favorite day of the year. It is the very last day before Christmas happens!

It is the day you rush to the store for last minute groceries, you scrub your home from top to bottom and you prepare for Christmas.

When I was younger it was the day my mom wrapped the gifts! I used to try my very best to peak under the door to see what she was wrapping. It was truly a special day. As I've grown older 12/23 still holds the same special place in my heart.

This year my special holiday fell on a Sunday. What more perfect way to prepare for Christmas than to be with your church family? Not only did I prepare my home for the celebration of Christ's birth, I was reminded of the mission of Christ. How He came to bring me (and YOU) the gift of life. How he came to seek and to save that which are lost.

I spent most of the day humming Christmas Carols as I cleaned and prepped for my very first Jimenez Family Christmas Eve Brunch (total success by the way).

In the evening my church family went out to a neighborhood and sang Christmas Carols. My heart melted as I watched people tear up, sing along and even join us as we walked home to home. What was more beautiful than all of that was the sound of the children singing "away in a manger" and the chorus to "Angels we have heard on high" at the very tippy top of their lungs. It was both hilarious and adorable. I counted myself blessed to have the opportunity to sing along with them.

12/23 was jam packed full of joy. After ALL of those adventures we hosted a movie night in our home (and I painted my nails!).

It's 11:20 on Christmas Day, and by now most of you have already opened your gifts and shared so many special moments with your families. You have done your best to help your children build lasting memories and perhaps established a few more Christmas traditions. However, I pray that in the midst of all of that, WE have not lost sight of the true meaning and gift of Christmas.

Cherish your family and spread joy and the good news with those around you.

From my family to yours, I wish you a Joyous Christmas.

❤๐Ÿ’šChris, Erin & our puppies! ๐Ÿ’š❤

*please excuse any typos this was typed from my phone*
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