Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty Muddy 2013

Hello Ladies,

What are you doing the day after my birthday? Running with Pretty muddy? 
I thought you said you wanted to get Muddy. Some of my friends registered with a Living Social Deal last year, and had a BLAST! Sadly, there isn't going to be a Living Social deal.  BUT. There is a one time deal going on now.

Register for Pretty Muddy (http://prettymuddywomensrun.com/) and use the code GIRLTIME to save $20.00.  Hurry up, because this code ends soon!!

Pretty Muddy Questions

Do I have to run in Miami with you?
 *check website for official dates, as they may have changed*
No, there are several options to register for! 
The Pretty Muddy Season kicks off on June 1st in Dallas Texas. 

June 1st, Dallas Tx
September 7th, Chicago Il.
September 14, Columbus OL
September 28, Richmond, VA
October 12, Atlanta GA
November 30, Tampa, FL
December 14, MIAMI FLORIDA!!!!

Is it fun?
What do YOU think? I did it last year ... i'm doing it again. ... 
Here's my review from 2012!

I hope to see you there!

[Disclaimer] I am a blogger for this event. I have been given one registration for the event in exchange for this post. However, the above comments are my very own.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Final Thoughts after Training for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon

Who knows when Run Disney releases your bibs and waivers? I DO! They release it about 1 month before the race. So, now that we are 28 days before the race, i'm officially beginning to think about [insert evil music] tapering. ... (and the race expo...)

In swimming I remember tapering very well. As a former 500 free-styler (distance swimmer), I remember tapering as the most boring thing ever. Why? because I didn't get to train the same as I had been. I had to work on sprinting to the finish, having a quick flip turn and not running out of energy before the end of the race.  Tapering also signals one thing, your training for the race is over. Yes, it's hard to believe that i'm almost done with the training for my first Half Marathon. ...but am I ready? 

The more I think about it, the more I understand. Tapering may signal the end of your physical training but your training isn't over ... the mental training continues until you cross that finish line. 

As I begin final preparations for my first half, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts going through my mind... 
  1. We are 28 days away from my very first half marathon. ... 28 DAYS!!
  2. We are 31 days away from my 1 year running anniversary. 
  3. Doubt. ... 
  4. Thankfulness
Yep. the metal training is still in full swing. Stay with me as I try to explain how I've dealt with the last 2 thoughts.
  • Doubt. 
I can't help but realize that I have only been running for 11 months. In 11 months I have gone from Z-E-R-O activity to crying over races being sold out before I could register! How could I not doubt my ability? 

Do I have a reason to doubt? NO!  I have trained for this event, and if the bus picks me up before the finish line, ... who cares? Will I lose my Salvation in Christ? Will my husband be upset with me? Am I going to disappoint my family? - NO, that's crazy talk! I have absolutely no reason to doubt. 

I am not the same girl who laced up her sneakers on February 27th, 2012. 
  • Thankfulness
I truly am blessed. I often find myself thinking about how blessed I am to have the ability and the freedom to run. I work a full time job, my husband is in graduate school, I'm involved with our Church and yet ... I still have time to run and enjoy life.  I am blessed. (those thoughts usually come after a huge dose of "i'm not going to finish the race").

I am thankful that I am not the same girl who laced up her sneakers on February 27th, 2012.

I am ready to run.

So on February 24th I want you to look for a girl crossing the finish line hand in hand with her prince and a few tears in her eyes, and when you see that girl I want you to think ... 

We did it! 
... We did it! 
To Everyone who reads my blog, follows me on twitter / instagram, tolerates me on facebook and encourages me through your kind words and flattering statements, Thank you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 Miles - Powered by Bits.

I started my day with this chick. 
30 Day Shred - Day 2
Boy is she tough!
After chillin' with Jillian for the morning, I got dressed (did my hair! - accomplishment!!) and went to work.  
While at work, ... The Dumbo Challenge registration opened. I had been planning to register for this event. However, I wasn't able to register today. AND .... within 1 hour of being open ... Dumbo was Sold Out. 

 ... honestly. ... I cried. I was SO disappointed, heart broken and exhausted from it all. Whatever, ... it's time to grow up and get over it! There will be other Challenges. Right?

So, that was my day. Yeah, ... Roller Coaster of Emotions.  Even though I'm not training for the Dumbo Dare, I'm still training for the Princess Half and so I must run. Thankfully, this evening I had the opportunity to be #Poweredbybits.

Firstly, thank you Energy Bits for giving me the opportunity to test your product.

If you are like me, you must have a LOT of questions. Here are a couple questions I had.

1) Is this fish food?
Yes. ... It is Algae and technically fish eat algae. ... but humans can eat it too. In FACT, lots of humans eat it. Runners, Athletes, Space People (Yeah, it's used by NASA) and I also ate some. 

2) Why would I eat this?
According to the website, it's good for the following:
- Increasing Energy
- Increasing Endurance
- Increasing Mental Vitality
- High Protein Snack
- Curbing Hunger
- Balancing Blood Sugar
- Lowering Blood Pressure

This is just a small list of what you will find on the website. I was quite impressed with amount of positives listed on the website. 

3) How do you eat it?
Energy Bits can be chewed OR swallowed. ... I swallowed them - I was afraid to chew it. 

4) How much does this stuff cost?
115.00 for 1,000 bits. - Let's do some math ...(yeah, ... i've changed... I can tolerate math now) Anyways ... each serving is 30 bits, and if you get 1,000 in one order, that would last you a little over one month (33 days).  

Yes. not cheap. 

I'm sure you've got more questions - but you'll have to check out their website and do some researching on your own (energybits.com) because I want to tell you all about my run!

Remember that the beginning of the post I told you about my day? Not a bad day ... not a great day ... just an ordinary day. Like every Tuesday, I had a scheduled run and ... it was powered by bits.

How did I feel?
I felt GREAT!  It took until Mile 2 for the bits to kick in, but once they kicked in, I just didn't want to stop. You'll see after mile 3 I slowed down (like a lot) it's because my husband and I started talking (and walking).   So it doesn't look like I could have kept going, but I could. :)

Once again, thank you Energybits for the opportunity. I really enjoyed being #Poweredbybits

[Disclaimer] I was given 1 free sample of Energybits to review. I received no other compensation and the opinions posted are my very own.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Chase

Road Runner Girl

Inspired by my weekly goal setting skills? Check out Mindy & Molly's blogs for more great chases! 

I am very excited to report that I've done really well with my goals lately. I've been attempting to document some of the aspects of my weekly chase on Instagram by tagging #weeklychase. If you are not already, go ahead and follow my journey! (@MrsCJimenez) 

Personal Goals:
1. Decide on an outfit / Princess for the Princess Half - In Process (more on that later).
2. Get my eye brows done. - I decided to wait until I go to Tampa with my Husband for class. 

Family Goals:
1. Cook dinner every night - DONE! 
2. Pack Lunches every day  - DONE!
3. Put away the laundry. - DONE! (by my husband)

Running / Fitness Goals
1. Run 3 Days - DONE (Tuesday 4 miles, Thursday 12 miles & Sunday 4 miles)
2. Yoga - DONE (Wednesday)
3. Plank - DONE (Wednesday / Thursday)  

I'm pretty sure that qualifies me for a good ol' fashion "You Go Girl!" 

Source: istyles.com via iStyles on Pinterest

p.s. I LOVE Pinterest! 

So, NO I don't have an outfit picked out for the Princess Half and my Eyebrows are still a little scary BUT! My family was well fed, I got my workouts in AND we had a wonderful week fellow-shipping with our Church Family (Wed. Fri. & Sun!)

How was your chase - run any crazy long distances? (p.s. 12 miles down a major road in South Florida is a little scarrrry). 

This Week's Chase!

1. Make time to style my hair before work (Challenge Goal - I have really long hair, and it takes so long to do anything I usually stick with a side braid)
2. Go to bed before 10:30 

Family Goals:
1. Cook Dinner every night (again)
2. Pack Lunches for work (again) 
3. Read with my husband at least 2 days

Fitness / Health Goals:
1. Begin Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred on Monday
2. Run 3 days
3. Properly Hydrate 
4. Track my Calories using My Fitness Pal (follow me I'm fofosbride)

So there you have it! 

What are you chasing? 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

WDW Marathon Weekend - Part 2

The Family Fun Run 

Remember when we were young and the day after Christmas we began planning for NEXT Christmas? We couldn't wait for the season to come around again, we looked forward to everything about it! We were on our best behavior, we dreamed about what it was going to be like.

Maybe I'm the only one...

This 5K was the equivalent of Christmas morning. It is the event that I begged my sister in law to register for, the event I convinced my mother and father in law to attend, the event I've been dreaming of for the last 10 months. Those 3.1 miles of Epcot.

If you read part 1 of my post, you know how much I wanted everything to be PERFECT!

3:32 on Friday morning had finally arrived and I have absolutely Z-E-R-O desire to get out of bed. My through hurt, I didn't sleep very well, I felt horrible. Around 4ish, I pulled myself out of bed and began to transform myself into Daisy Duck.

We made it to the race about 25 minutes before it started (this is completely my fault -  everyone else was waiting for me to finish getting ready!)

Prince Charming and I led our team of Fun Runners through a series of warm ups and stretches, gave them a couple of last minute tips and then warned them that we wanted to RUN!  Belle (sister) and I all dressed up and ready to run. I thought we looked pretty cute!

My Prince and I had a lot of fun running / walking through the run. I was also VERY pleased to see that in all the official race photos I was SMILING!

I'd love to stay and talk more about the photos below but I have guests. :) Their parents are out on a date and WE are watching Madagascar 3!

Family Fun Run - Photos!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

WDW Marathon Weekend - Part 1

Good Evening,
I had major plans to upload lots of cute pictures from the hotel. However, my husband told me he was running 13 miles tonight and I didn't want him to go alone ... SO... I went with him! Not quite the 3 miles on my schedule BUT I'm happy with the 12 I did!

If you'd like to see some pictures (some - not all) you can check out my Instagram account!

The Hotel Adventure

My family and I stayed at Disney's Art of Animation over the weekend. I worked extra hard to make sure EVERYTHING was perfect. Why? A couple reasons.
1) It was the first  vacation I planned for Prince Charming's family. I wanted everything to be fun and perfect and MAGICAL.
2) We checked in on Prince Charming's mom's Birthday!

Sooo, I had called Disney like 15 times to make sure everything was all set, and that there would be something magical and special for my mother in law!   We checked in (after being lost for an hour because the GPS on my phone is lame), headed to Packet Pick Up and then after dinner had a wonderful surprise of balloons and a signed card from Mickey!


I realllllly  wanted to explore the Expo before dinner. However, my family of non-runners didn't want too. I only convinced them of going into the Expo because I had signed myself and my sister in law up to receive a free piece of Art. If my Prince had been there it would have been different (He didn't get Thursday off of work, so he came later). Oh well, ... if you ask my in laws they will tell you we saw the whole thing ... we did not. *tear* 

I've thought long and hard about the hotel, and have come to this conclusion. 

Comfort Level - Not so great (think value) 
Price - For a Disney Hotel, ... pretty good! 
Detail - a million stars! - seriously!! that place was awesome!
Pools - another million stars, the Nemo pool PLAYS MUSIC UNDER WATER! 

In all reality, if I had children I would most likely go to this hotel. It was a great place for families to explore and have fun with Disney stuff without actually going into the park.  For me, I think i'm going to book at a nicer place next January! 

Question: How was your weekend? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Chase!

Road Runner Girl

About the Weekly Chase
The Weekly Chase is a forum for bloggers (like myself) who are chasing dreams, goals and well you know ... sanity! Each week bloggers are encouraged to share their goals and give an update on how the goals from the previous week went. Thank you to Mindy & Molly for hosting this. Be sure to check out Molly's blog for  links to more chases! 

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I met Ms. Road Runner Girl herself! It was SO awesome to meet her in person. I felt like I'd known her my whole life and wished I lived closer so we could like become real life friends! Seriously, she's so great. (FYI - this is not the greatest photo of me - but Mindy looks good!) 
P.S. ... 

What I chased Last Week!

Finish Laundry / House work by Wednesday (this really is for my sanity) - DONE (Mostly! I cleaned the floors when I got home from Disney last night.)

Finish my packing for RunDisney (by Tuesday night) - DONE (Obviously, ... but it was Wednesday not Tuesday)

Run 2 days - DONE! (Monday, Friday & Saturday)

Jillian Michaels 1 time - FAIL! 

Excuse Time... 
I had set aside time on Wednesday night for my Jillian time. However, as you know my husband is in graduate school. Well, school officially kicked off on Wednesday with an online / in person web class (not very appropriate techy lingo, but you get the point). Anyways, in addition to that he had to read NINE chapters in his text book before Saturday's class in Tampa.  So,... while he had his class I took the dogs to Camp Gigi, went to Prayer Meeting and came home to pack for Disney and finish the dinner dishes as quietly as possible. Around 2 a.m. he finished 7 of the 9 chapters as well as the online class session and was ready to help me finish packing. Sooooooooooooooo, Jillian did not help me get shredded last week. 

So... I had a good-ish excuse right? 

What I'm chasing THIS week! 

Remember, we have to chase 2-3 things for ourselves.  

Personal Goals:
  1. Decide on an outfit / Princess for the Princess Half Marathon. 
  2. Get my eye brows done. 
Family Goals:
  1. Cook dinner every night (even Friday before Youth Group!) 
  2. Pack Lunches every day
  3. Put away the laundry. 
Running/Fitness Goals:
  1. Run 3 days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  2. Yoga (Wednesday)
  3. Plank 

What are you chasing this week?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Guest Post - Amalia

Good Morning! 

As you read this, I am off being adventurous at Walt Disney World Resort. Amalia so graciously agreed to do a guest post for me! You may remember her from my Sporty Little Christmas feature. I have also  gotten a couple of very nice shout outs on her blog recently. I'll post links to the posts at the bottom of this. :)  
_ _ _

Hi Guys! Im Amalia from Live Travel Eat and Run and I'm so excited to be blogging for you today. I'm a baker, blogger, runner, and general life enthusiast.  I make crazy faces, love to try to cook, and I could talk about anything until the sun comes home.  But I always wasn't this outgoing or self assured. I struggled with self doubt and being self conscious for a long time. I've learned to love myself, my body and my life through a variety of different means -- one of them being living a healthier life. 

Every once and a while I get caught up in the struggle with the two most dangerous words in the world. 


What if... 

Who knew that those two words could have such an impact on the way we think or live our lives? 6 letters total can have complete control over our mental state.

How many times have you gone to plan something, or to take a new risk, only to be deterred by what your brain thinks could happen? For example, I was running a 5km in Surrey this summer - it was an inaugural race and I really wanted to beat my original 5km time of 36 minutes.  Two or three days before I was overtaken by this overwhelming case of the what ifs.. 

Poor Manfriend had to deal with the whole thing. 

"What if I didn't train enough, what if I start up and can't finish, what if I get hit by a car, what if I don't beat my record, what if I pick the wrong clothes, what if it is too cold, what if we are late, what if I fail!?" 

Manfriend always comes back with sentences like "What if I buy you a unicorn? What if I turn into an elephant? What if we wake up in the midst of the zombie apocalypse?" While hilarious, Manfriend is rarely helpful with a case of the what ifs, which is why I have had to develop my own strategy. 


The following are the steps I use to get rid of a case of the what ifs.  I write them all down on a piece of paper and complete the steps in order. 

1) Which of these things are in your control NOW? 

Of everything I listed, four of them are in my control.  I can't go back and train more, I can't control what the cars are going to do on race day, I cannot control the weather, and failing is covered in step three. Which means the only things that I am allowed to consider from this point forward as possibilities are not finishing, not beating my record, the wrong clothes and failing.  If I feel the need to worry about the rest of them later, I can have a worry break. A half an hour time frame where I write down everything I'm worried about and then stop and move on with my life. 

2) What can I do about the remaining items?  

I can plan.  I can plan to walk the whole thing. I know I can walk five km, so if I have to, I will.  If I don't beat my record? Well, there are thousands of other five kms held annually. In order to combat this what if, I just change my mindset to -- I am going to finish. That's all I want to do now. A PR would be lovely but if I don't have it then I am not failing, because my goal is to finish.  If I set out my clothes the night before with a good look at the forecast chances are I won't forget something and be rushed the morning of. 

3) There is no such thing as failing. 

I've redefined the word failure over the years.  Failure to me is when you fail to learn from something, whether it goes properly or not.  Things rarely go as planned. If I set out to do a 5km, it goes miserably and I go home and don't learn from it I've failed. But if I set out to run that 5km, do my best, things fall apart and I go home and learn WHY, then I've taken an important life lesson from it and I cannot say I have failed.  Failure is not an option, because it doesn't exist. This is how I have gotten over my fear of failure. By redefining the word itself. 


Things never go as planned. And if they do, then you are one lucky person. 

I set out to run the WDW Half this weekend in Disney World. I would have left now, actually. At the exact moment I am writing this post.  However, life has a way of taking over with things that you can't control, and with things that even a good case of the what-ifs can't prepare you for. 

First of all I started training in September. I had multiple months to get ready and I was all geared to go.  There were many what ifs in the back of my mind, namely, what if I can't afford to go, what if I don't end up running, what if I get hurt. 

I did get hurt. All those what ifs and time spent worrying wouldn't have stopped it from happening. I got a bad case of the shin splints. 

Then as soon as I got back on track, I got bronchitis. 

THEN, I injured my leg. 

I had seven weeks left until the half marathon and I was seriously under trained. To the point where running the whole thing would be dangerous. So I made my list of what ifs, ran through my steps and redefined my goals to suit my new condition. I was ready to tackle it to the end. Walking, crawling, I would make it over that finish line. 

And then life happened. My grandma was ill, and I made the tough choice to cancel my half marathon. There would be others but there is only one of her.

None of my what ifs included a sick family member and none of my what ifs included me not going to Florida. But here we are.  So the overarching point is if you have to spend time on your what ifs, make it productive. Write them down, get rid of them one by one so that you can focus on what matters, living one day, one moment, at a time (also conveniently the tagline of my blog). 

Don't let the what ifs get you down. If you are running at the WDW weekend then I say to you the following: 


No what if's okay? 

And that 5km race I was talking about earlier? I PR'ed by 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Take that, what if's. Take that! 

Amalia's Blog! http://livetraveleatandrun.com/

More Posts from Amalia

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly Chase and a Winner!

Road Runner Girl

If you follow my blog, you know that the Weekly Chase has recently been re-vamped by Mindy and Molly. Be sure to check out their blogs for some more great chases and running inspiration!  This month, Molly has encouraged us to chase 2 or 3 things for ourselves. It seems that those of us that are (you know) humans...  seem to be SUPER busy and sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves!  So, before I get into my goals for THIS week. Let me tell you about LAST week! 

Original Post.

1. Schedule my Dentist Appointment - DONE
2. Yoga twice - 1/2 Done! I slept in on Thursday rather than getting up and doing yoga before work.
3. Run 11 Miles on Saturday. - DONE!!!!!! 

I tweeted something to the effect of "11 miles in the morning. Yikes." I was SO encouraged with so many people tweeting to me and telling me i'd do awesome! I was totally freaked out. My husband was away for Friday - Saturday at a football tournament for the youth of a couple of different churches.  Since we will be at Disney next weekend, I didn't want to find someone to watch our children 2 weekends in a row. Sooo, I stayed home. I also didn't want to miss the opportunity to run my 11 miles this weekend.

I went to bed around 8:30 and set my alarm for 5. ... 5 a.m. came around and I got up to walk the dogs eat some pre-work out snacks.  By 5:51, I was out the door for my run.

Mile 1 was absolutely horrible!!!! It took my almost 18 minutes to complete 1 mile. (tears) I was freaking out because it was 6 a.m. my husband wasn't home, if anything were to happen I don't know who I would call, ... you know... FREAKING out!  Then, this verse came to me...
2 Timothy 1:7
"For God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind". 

I had NO reason to be afraid. I wasn't alone, I had the Lord with me. Not only did I have the Lord with me. ... I have at least 4 families that live RIGHT by my running route who I could have called if I needed too. I sucked it up, and ran (with walk breaks) my little heart out! For the final 10 miles, I was able to run mostly 14 - 15 minute miles. Thank you Twitter Family for your support and thank you to my Heavenly Father who comforts me when I need it most.

I am really looking forward to my Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon now! 

This week I'm chasing...

1) Finish Laundry / House work by Wednesday (this really is for my sanity)
2) Finish my packing for RunDisney (by Tuesday night) 
3) Run 2 days
4) Jillian Michaels 1 time

We leave for our Family 5K on Thursday! I'm excited to share the experience with my in-laws. Hopefully they love RunDisney as much as I do! 

What are you chasing this week, wanna meet up at the WDW Marathon Weekend?

_ _ _

As promised, we have a WINNER! 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Almost time to Get Muddy...

As much as i'd LOVE to share about my longest run to date (Yep, I ran 11 miles!!), I am not going too.  I'm going to ask you a little question.

How are you ladies doing with your goals for 2013? 

Did you make a resolution to laugh more, smile more, spend more time with your gal-pals? I hope so!! Because, we are just 2 weeks away from the Go Dirty Girl Mud Run!

If you're like me, you LOVE saving money. SO, be sure to register before January 8th.  Prices are set to increase at Midnight on 1/9/13. Don't forget to use my discount code for additional savings! (FLBLOGGUEST)

I hope to see you there!

Make sure you check out my original post for more details!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The company company provided me with one registration for the Miami, Dirty Girl Mud Run in exchange for this post. Regardless, I recommend this event to my readers. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weekly Chase!

Welcome back Weekly Chase!

Thank you Mindy and Molly for taking this project on. There is SO much value in sharing your goals with others. So, ... THANK YOU!

Road Runner Girl

Molly is challenging us to make the 1st 2 or 3 goals to be about ourselves. So, here I go. 

This week I'm chasing the following: 

1. Schedule my final follow up appointment with my Dentist. 
2. Do Yoga at least twice 
3. Run 11 miles on Saturday 

There you have it!  Just three goals for the week. :) 

What are you chasing? 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Forward Motion.

Source: google.com via Amanda on Pinterest

Dear Erin,
I am so proud of you. Can you believe how much your life has changed since January 1st, 2012?

Remember when you cried over running a mile?
Remember when you told your husband to stop annoying you about your running style?  - Boy, you sure could get grumpy! ...

but look at you now. 

Remember when running wasn't the only thing that made you cry? You had fears of living the rest of your life overweight. Yes, you have a way to go...

but look at you now. 

Remember when people doubted your commitment to health? Remember those days when quitting seemed to be a better option than lacing up your sneakers?

You didn't let the doubters win, did you.

Remember when you took your first batch of over sized clothes to the donation truck? You were so scared that you would need them again.

but you didn't! 

Remember your first 5K? and 10K... and 12K? You have put a lot of miles on your feet this year, and even when times were tough, and the drama with your Wisdom Teeth held you back ...

you kept going. 

It's hard to believe running has only been a part of your life since February 27th of 2012. In less than a year you have gained the confidence to register for a half marathon. 13.1 miles are in your future...

and you're not scared (much)...

You've got big goals for 2013 and I think it's important you remember a couple of things...

  1. Have Fun - Remember to find joy in the journey.
  2. Bad Days Happen -  You can always count on a bad day once in a while. When that day comes, choose to find something positive. 
  3. Rest - It's okay to take a rest day. Sometimes your body needs it! 
  4. Thank You - Remember to tell Prince Charming thank you. He has always been your biggest fan, and always will be. 
  5. Don't Compare - Don't compare yourself to others. It's your journey. 
  6. Don't Obsess - There is more to life than running. Get out there and LIVE! 
  7. Learn to Smile - When running a race, remember to smile ... You looked pretty bad in some of those official race photos, ... those stay on the internet you know! 
2013 will be full of adventures (fun and awful) don't get discouraged and please no matter what ... 

Keep moving forward. 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My talents went to South Beach ... (& GU Give Away)

My Facebook friends already know this, but I'll say it again. Every single part of my being wanted to be out of Miami for New Years. Truth is, we have spent almost every single new years over the last 13 years doing something adventurous. However, do to our recent love of running and competing in races we have had to be a little more strategic with our run-cations. So, despite multiple attempts to be away, my husband and I enjoyed a nice evening at home with 2 friends (who left at 9:30 p.m).

This morning we made the trek across Miami to South Beach. We met up with Amanda (@Runtothefinish) and a group of others for a Resolution Run! It was part of the 5 by the 5th challenge I am doing. Since my foot is still hurting (like a lot) when I run, I ended up walking for most of the 5K. I was beating myself up about it for a while but, I got over it. I run for me. I don't run for anyone else. I run to do my best, and at that moment, I was proud to get up out of bed on January 1st and drive 40 minutes to the beach for a run! 

I am glad that we were still in Miami for New years, because who would have wanted to miss this? 

I am blessed to have had the opportunity for an adventure in my own city and I am blessed to be married to someone who sees the value in celebrating every day. Every day is an adventure and we have a choice as to what memories we take with us. 

Happy New Year everyone! 

In honor of the new year, I will be giving away a couple of packets of GU energy gels and there are many ways to enter! Please leave a comment below for each entry. 

1. Mandatory: Answer this question. "Why do you run (or exercise)?

2. Follow me on Twitter (@MrsCJimenez

3. Subscribe to my blog*

4. Follow me on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/MrsCjimenez/)

5. Share this give away on Twitter "I just entered @MrsCJimenez GU Give away and you can too http://www.astorybooklife.us/2013/01/my-talents-went-to-south-beach-gu-give.html" 

*Let me know how you subscribed.

Winners will be chosen using random.org on Sunday, January 6th. 

Good Luck!! 

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Is Robert is Here really the Disney World of Fruit Stands?

After your visit to the Everglades National Park in Homestead, you are not  going to want to miss Robert is Here.   Located not too far fro...