Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 Miles - Powered by Bits.

I started my day with this chick. 
30 Day Shred - Day 2
Boy is she tough!
After chillin' with Jillian for the morning, I got dressed (did my hair! - accomplishment!!) and went to work.  
While at work, ... The Dumbo Challenge registration opened. I had been planning to register for this event. However, I wasn't able to register today. AND .... within 1 hour of being open ... Dumbo was Sold Out. 

 ... honestly. ... I cried. I was SO disappointed, heart broken and exhausted from it all. Whatever, ... it's time to grow up and get over it! There will be other Challenges. Right?

So, that was my day. Yeah, ... Roller Coaster of Emotions.  Even though I'm not training for the Dumbo Dare, I'm still training for the Princess Half and so I must run. Thankfully, this evening I had the opportunity to be #Poweredbybits.

Firstly, thank you Energy Bits for giving me the opportunity to test your product.

If you are like me, you must have a LOT of questions. Here are a couple questions I had.

1) Is this fish food?
Yes. ... It is Algae and technically fish eat algae. ... but humans can eat it too. In FACT, lots of humans eat it. Runners, Athletes, Space People (Yeah, it's used by NASA) and I also ate some. 

2) Why would I eat this?
According to the website, it's good for the following:
- Increasing Energy
- Increasing Endurance
- Increasing Mental Vitality
- High Protein Snack
- Curbing Hunger
- Balancing Blood Sugar
- Lowering Blood Pressure

This is just a small list of what you will find on the website. I was quite impressed with amount of positives listed on the website. 

3) How do you eat it?
Energy Bits can be chewed OR swallowed. ... I swallowed them - I was afraid to chew it. 

4) How much does this stuff cost?
115.00 for 1,000 bits. - Let's do some math ...(yeah, ... i've changed... I can tolerate math now) Anyways ... each serving is 30 bits, and if you get 1,000 in one order, that would last you a little over one month (33 days).  

Yes. not cheap. 

I'm sure you've got more questions - but you'll have to check out their website and do some researching on your own (energybits.com) because I want to tell you all about my run!

Remember that the beginning of the post I told you about my day? Not a bad day ... not a great day ... just an ordinary day. Like every Tuesday, I had a scheduled run and ... it was powered by bits.

How did I feel?
I felt GREAT!  It took until Mile 2 for the bits to kick in, but once they kicked in, I just didn't want to stop. You'll see after mile 3 I slowed down (like a lot) it's because my husband and I started talking (and walking).   So it doesn't look like I could have kept going, but I could. :)

Once again, thank you Energybits for the opportunity. I really enjoyed being #Poweredbybits

[Disclaimer] I was given 1 free sample of Energybits to review. I received no other compensation and the opinions posted are my very own.
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