Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Forward Motion.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Dear Erin,
I am so proud of you. Can you believe how much your life has changed since January 1st, 2012?

Remember when you cried over running a mile?
Remember when you told your husband to stop annoying you about your running style?  - Boy, you sure could get grumpy! ...

but look at you now. 

Remember when running wasn't the only thing that made you cry? You had fears of living the rest of your life overweight. Yes, you have a way to go...

but look at you now. 

Remember when people doubted your commitment to health? Remember those days when quitting seemed to be a better option than lacing up your sneakers?

You didn't let the doubters win, did you.

Remember when you took your first batch of over sized clothes to the donation truck? You were so scared that you would need them again.

but you didn't! 

Remember your first 5K? and 10K... and 12K? You have put a lot of miles on your feet this year, and even when times were tough, and the drama with your Wisdom Teeth held you back ...

you kept going. 

It's hard to believe running has only been a part of your life since February 27th of 2012. In less than a year you have gained the confidence to register for a half marathon. 13.1 miles are in your future...

and you're not scared (much)...

You've got big goals for 2013 and I think it's important you remember a couple of things...

  1. Have Fun - Remember to find joy in the journey.
  2. Bad Days Happen -  You can always count on a bad day once in a while. When that day comes, choose to find something positive. 
  3. Rest - It's okay to take a rest day. Sometimes your body needs it! 
  4. Thank You - Remember to tell Prince Charming thank you. He has always been your biggest fan, and always will be. 
  5. Don't Compare - Don't compare yourself to others. It's your journey. 
  6. Don't Obsess - There is more to life than running. Get out there and LIVE! 
  7. Learn to Smile - When running a race, remember to smile ... You looked pretty bad in some of those official race photos, ... those stay on the internet you know! 
2013 will be full of adventures (fun and awful) don't get discouraged and please no matter what ... 

Keep moving forward. 


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