Thursday, January 24, 2013

Final Thoughts after Training for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon

Who knows when Run Disney releases your bibs and waivers? I DO! They release it about 1 month before the race. So, now that we are 28 days before the race, i'm officially beginning to think about [insert evil music] tapering. ... (and the race expo...)

In swimming I remember tapering very well. As a former 500 free-styler (distance swimmer), I remember tapering as the most boring thing ever. Why? because I didn't get to train the same as I had been. I had to work on sprinting to the finish, having a quick flip turn and not running out of energy before the end of the race.  Tapering also signals one thing, your training for the race is over. Yes, it's hard to believe that i'm almost done with the training for my first Half Marathon. ...but am I ready? 

The more I think about it, the more I understand. Tapering may signal the end of your physical training but your training isn't over ... the mental training continues until you cross that finish line. 

As I begin final preparations for my first half, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts going through my mind... 
  1. We are 28 days away from my very first half marathon. ... 28 DAYS!!
  2. We are 31 days away from my 1 year running anniversary. 
  3. Doubt. ... 
  4. Thankfulness
Yep. the metal training is still in full swing. Stay with me as I try to explain how I've dealt with the last 2 thoughts.
  • Doubt. 
I can't help but realize that I have only been running for 11 months. In 11 months I have gone from Z-E-R-O activity to crying over races being sold out before I could register! How could I not doubt my ability? 

Do I have a reason to doubt? NO!  I have trained for this event, and if the bus picks me up before the finish line, ... who cares? Will I lose my Salvation in Christ? Will my husband be upset with me? Am I going to disappoint my family? - NO, that's crazy talk! I have absolutely no reason to doubt. 

I am not the same girl who laced up her sneakers on February 27th, 2012. 
  • Thankfulness
I truly am blessed. I often find myself thinking about how blessed I am to have the ability and the freedom to run. I work a full time job, my husband is in graduate school, I'm involved with our Church and yet ... I still have time to run and enjoy life.  I am blessed. (those thoughts usually come after a huge dose of "i'm not going to finish the race").

I am thankful that I am not the same girl who laced up her sneakers on February 27th, 2012.

I am ready to run.

So on February 24th I want you to look for a girl crossing the finish line hand in hand with her prince and a few tears in her eyes, and when you see that girl I want you to think ... 

We did it! 
... We did it! 
To Everyone who reads my blog, follows me on twitter / instagram, tolerates me on facebook and encourages me through your kind words and flattering statements, Thank you.
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