Thursday, January 17, 2013

WDW Marathon Weekend - Part 1

Good Evening,
I had major plans to upload lots of cute pictures from the hotel. However, my husband told me he was running 13 miles tonight and I didn't want him to go alone ... SO... I went with him! Not quite the 3 miles on my schedule BUT I'm happy with the 12 I did!

If you'd like to see some pictures (some - not all) you can check out my Instagram account!

The Hotel Adventure

My family and I stayed at Disney's Art of Animation over the weekend. I worked extra hard to make sure EVERYTHING was perfect. Why? A couple reasons.
1) It was the first  vacation I planned for Prince Charming's family. I wanted everything to be fun and perfect and MAGICAL.
2) We checked in on Prince Charming's mom's Birthday!

Sooo, I had called Disney like 15 times to make sure everything was all set, and that there would be something magical and special for my mother in law!   We checked in (after being lost for an hour because the GPS on my phone is lame), headed to Packet Pick Up and then after dinner had a wonderful surprise of balloons and a signed card from Mickey!


I realllllly  wanted to explore the Expo before dinner. However, my family of non-runners didn't want too. I only convinced them of going into the Expo because I had signed myself and my sister in law up to receive a free piece of Art. If my Prince had been there it would have been different (He didn't get Thursday off of work, so he came later). Oh well, ... if you ask my in laws they will tell you we saw the whole thing ... we did not. *tear* 

I've thought long and hard about the hotel, and have come to this conclusion. 

Comfort Level - Not so great (think value) 
Price - For a Disney Hotel, ... pretty good! 
Detail - a million stars! - seriously!! that place was awesome!
Pools - another million stars, the Nemo pool PLAYS MUSIC UNDER WATER! 

In all reality, if I had children I would most likely go to this hotel. It was a great place for families to explore and have fun with Disney stuff without actually going into the park.  For me, I think i'm going to book at a nicer place next January! 

Question: How was your weekend? 
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