Friday, February 8, 2013

Juliet's Grand Adventure

Friday night in our home is always the same. We come home from work, we quickly change, grab the guitar, grab some snacks and head out the door to Youth Group. I'm not going to lie, giving up a Friday night at home can be a little challenging at times. We are a young couple, we like adventure, we like spontaneity. ... doesn't everyone? 

As the Friday before Valentines Day, I decided to make everything a little more special. Balloons, candy, Hershey Kiss Brownies and chips. I was SUPER excited that my #sharingheart tank had come in too! So, anyway, everything was pretty normal. 

On the way home, Senior Cupid made a deal with me. 

The Deal. 

You (Erin) will promise to take the dogs for a walk while I (Husband) go for a 20 minute run. Upon the completion,  WE will go to 711 and get Slurpees together. 

Sounded like a pretty good deal to ME! So, I accepted the deal. 

I loaded my two rats into their harnesses and headed for a walk. Our dear Romeo had stopped to do his #2 business, and my husband waved and ran on by.  Juliet was NOT to be left. She wiggled completely OUT of her harness and took off RUNNING after him. I (of course) freak out and start dragging poor Romeo (who is still pooping by the way) down the street. 

A quarter mile down the road I find my Senior Cupid and Juliet. ... My husband (Senior Cupid) confused beyond words, and Juliet wagging her little tale and smiling. ... Yes. my dogs smile. 

You'd THINK my story was over right? 

While I'm catching my breath and helping my husband get the harness back on I see that Romeo has now found a piece of PIZZA!!!! 

I walked them home, let them get some water and sat on the couch and had a good laugh. I guess Juliet thought I needed to take my New Tank Top out for a run, and I guess the Good Lord knew I needed a laugh. Thank you Lord for spontaneous adventures and memories to share with my family. 

Have you had any running adventures with your furry friends lately? 

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