Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Chase.


So, I'm on lunch posting from my handy dandy iPhone. Last week I took a break from blogging, chasing and well... Social media life. My love was sick and I didn't feel well either. Grad School was stressing BOTH of us out!! Tomorrow I'm going to post about my weekend adventures in Tampa. Driving around downtown Tampa looking for a 24 hour printing place, tea tasting, Tetris competitions... Yeah, it was quite the weekend (so come back tomorrow folks!)

The Weekly Chase is hosted by Mindy and Molly. Check out for more great chases!

Mindy is doing a love challenge this month, each week we are to show love and kindness to people. I'm excited about this! It's going to be so awesome!!

Here are my goals.

1) Run 2 days.
2) Try 1 new cleaning tip from pinterest
3) plank (challenge goal, I hate those things!!)
4) make valentines for my former Sunday school class. :(

I am now a substitute for Sunday school. I passed the middle school torch to another young lady. Every Sunday I miss sharing the Word of God with those Girlies... Anyway! I want to try and make them little valentines and surprise them!

That's my chase! What are YOU chasing??
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