Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Destination Tampa & a 5-by-the-5th Challenge!!

Who can turn down a challenge? I know I have trouble. I also am pretty good at finding ways to spend money on things I love (a.k.a. running). That's why I am thankful that Laura over on Mommy Run Fast is hosting a monthly challenge to run with a 5K OR 5 Miles by the first of each month!  This also helps me accomplish my goal of 13 races in 2013 (hosted by Jill and Marathon Mom)! The commitment to run 13 events can be a little pricey, SO running free virtual races is a GREAT way to stay motivated and involved with the running world!


On the 24th of February I ran my very first Half Marathon and THAT was Uh-MAZING! Alright, ... so here's the truth. ... I was a little scared that after I made it to the goal of 13.1 I wouldn't want to run anymore. I was also afraid that I'd run terribly my first run out. One of my new health goals is to think positive. It's so easy to get caught up in negativity, but there is not reason for it. I am very blessed and who am I to spread negativity, I don't believe it is honoring to the Lord. SO,  I laced up my shoes and prepared for my 5-by-the-5th 5K!

Mr. Scholar had class in Tampa, so I had the opportunity to run through some of my old stomping grounds. The weather was glorious! It was a sunny, cool morning and I was feeling great! I started with a short walk but struggled to walk, I wanted to RUN! (Let's be real for a second, my "running" isn't THAT fast lol so when you see my stats, you can't laugh too hard because you were warned!)  [back to reality]

It was the most wonderful 44 minutes. I didn't think I could enjoy the run so much, but I did - and you know what? My fear of falling out of love with running after the half did NOT come true. I still love it, and can not wait until my next half (coming up soon! 4/14).

Here are some images from running through my neighborhood.  See that tower? One time in Middle School, we got to climb it!

It was so cool, my mom even climbed it! ALSO, it was SO great because she's SUPER afraid of heights but ... she conquered it!

To my mom - YOU GO GIRL!

After the run my sister and I went to an Art Festival in Downtown Tampa.

We enjoyed walking around looking at all the art, and of course eating lunch and exploring an old bookstore.
It was a fun day and I was happy to explore some parts of Downtown Tampa that I hadn't been too in a while.

Don't my sister and I look alike? (Hint: You can say no - She looks more like my Mom and I look like my Dad!)

Anyway. Also pictured are my splits (okay, stop laughing, I warned you!!)

After we ran around the art festival we had some coffee and then returned home to play with our 4 (F-O-U-R) dogs.

My two (Romeo & Juliet) + Her (Chloe) + My dog - that lives with my parents (Whatleigh)

So, that was my Virtual 5K and Super Action packed weekend.

How was your weekend - explore any new territories?

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