Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goofy Girl!

It's official, I'm going Goofy.

On February 27th, 2012 there was NO way I was expecting to be thinking about running a Marathon in January of 2014. I mean, lets be honest. ... training for the 5K was challenging (see proof post!) BUT, in less than 1 year I did run a Half Marathon and my running confidence level is kind of high right now So ... Why not?

The first step to going Goofy was to request budget it out with Mr. Moola-Man. Once we made a plan to save for the week at Disney (on property - no off property deals for me!) Mr. Moola-Man turned BACK into Prince Charming and we moved on to step 2.

Request the time off of work ... 

On Monday I was approved for the time off.

Say WHAT? (pretty sure that was how I reacted.)  I was SO excited I wanted to go for a run (To be honest,  I had a feeling i'd get it off, my office is SO supportive of my running!!) The only problem was, Monday was my rest day and I'm really trying to stick with my rest days and work hard on my run days. I think it will help me be a better runner, and also help keep me motivated!

So, it is Tuesday and I overslept so I had to wait ALLLLLLL day to go home and run. [insert fake tears].  Prince Charming and our two little rats (Rat Terriers) joined me on my 4 mile run. I'm not exactly a fast runner, but I'm getting better and I was really proud of my 4 miles.

I used Galloway's Run/Walk method to help get me through and I felt GREAT!

Unfamiliar with what the Goofy Challenge is? Read about it here and follow my Journey to Goofy on the blog and on Instagram!

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