Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lessons from my Rat Terrier.

I've heard it said that when you have children you understand more fully God's love. I've heard that you understand and know unconditional love in a more real way, I've heard that as a parent you learn lessons in the most unlikely situations. I am not able to confirm that to be accurate as I have not been given the gift of children. I have adopted two very special Rat Terriers who keep me busy and sometimes -when I least expect it - teach me a lesson or two.

I'm going to be honest with you, sometimes it's hard not to play favorites with my dogs. Romeo is the neediest dog EVER and with his big brown eyes, and silky soft hair and plump belly how can you resist allowing him to cuddle up on your lap or playing a quick game of chase?

Juliet is the complete opposite. Her hair is course, she's very skinny and more often than not she prefers to to be alone. That's right, Hello Ms. Independent - She's the one searching for adventures and she just doesn't seem to need affection as much as Romeo. Therefore, I'm a little embarrassed to admit - Romeo gets a little more affection.

(Read about one of her Adventures Here!)

Today my dear Juliet schooled me in the area of forgiveness. My husband allowed me to go to a girls movie day with some ladies from my church and he stayed home and did the laundry, dishes, AND some organizing.  When I got home, I began to assist with some of our Saturday chores. I washed the dogs and began to scrub the floors. Just as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor I see this girl (Juliet) PEE! Yep. She peed on my tile (that I was CLEANING!!!) Horrified, she ran (UP THE STAIRS) and hid. I (of course) chased her screaming her name and freaking out. I searched all over our second floor for this dog (screaming her name the whole time). Finally, I quieted myself down to hear a weak little wimper.

There she was... Trying to hide behind the shower curtain. She had jumped into the tub and was crying.
I picked her trembling little body up and held her until she calmed down. As pathetic as this may sound, my heart broke for her. I knew she'd need to go outside. I knew Saturday's get her off her schedule and she needs more walks than usual, and I knew it was my fault. (kind of).

Chris put the leash on and took the two pups for a walk while I cleaned the floors. Now instead of just the tile, I needed to clean the stairs and landing outside the bedrooms upstairs (just in case!)
 It is. What it is. ... 

But how does this teach me about forgiveness?

First John 1:9.

No, my Juliet didn't speak to me and say "I'm sorry Erin, I didn't mean to pee on the floor". But I believe she knew she did wrong (why else would she tremble and hide?).  How often have we been caught in the very act of sin and then moments later found ourselves forgiven. Isn't it beautiful that He is faithful to forgive us, if only we come to him and confess our need for it?
Thank you Juliet for reminding me of the beauty of forgiveness. 

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