Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Chase - March 11 Edition

Another week, another chase. Shout out to Molly and Mindy for helping me make weekly goals, and CHASE them! Need to catch up? Here is what I chased last week

Road Runner Girl

Accountability Time:
1) Meal Plan - Done. I was very proud that we stick with our meal plan too!
2) Run only 1 time - well, I went out for a run on Saturday and ended up walking and talking with my husband instead. (The intent was there though!)
3) Do push ups two days this week - Done! 

Also I felt a whole lot better by Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern. Sometimes I feel like I over do it (Staying up too late, training hard, and NOT resting enough).

My next Half Marathon is coming up, and I need to get back to training. I won a registration on Mindy's (Mindy's Fitness Journey) blog, and i'm really excited for the run! So, here we go with my goals! 

1) Sleep a minimum of 7 hours per night. 
2) Actually follow my running plan (Run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday) 
3) Rest on my rest days (Monday / Friday)
4) Paint My Nails - I've been putting that off. 

Make it Happen Goal
Calorie Count. I really need to focus on my weight loss goals. I've gotten a little lazy, and I need to pay attention to how much I'm eating. Sometimes I eat too little and other times I don't eat enough! It's a constant struggle. So,... back to counting calories and keeping track of my calories burned! 

Be sure you check out Mindy and Molly's blogs for more great link ups! 

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