Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Chase - March 25

Hello Friends, 

It's that time of the week again!! Yep, another special shout out to Mindy and Molly for hosting the Weekly Chase. Honestly, I LOVE the weekly chase so much. Please, head on over to their blogs for more great chases. 

Last week was a little rough for me. I didn't get much sleep and it felt like everything in my life was moving way too fast! But, the week is over and NOW it's time to come clean on how I did with my goals! 

How did I do? 
1) Paint my nails. - YESS!!! I finally painted them. Actually, I tweeted to Mindy as I was giving myself a manicure. (Are you following her on Twitter, blog, instagram? She's so great!) 

2) Run one of my #13in2013 Virtual Races - DONE! I was a day late, but... I got it done. Proof Post!

3) Re-arrange the living room.  - not really. BUT, that is because Mr. Handsome and I thought through every possible arrangement and decided that for our purposes (netflix, and fitness dvd's) the living room was at the best arrangement for the space. We DID spend the time to move all of the furniture and vacuum those crazy dust bunnies that hop into my house. 

4) MAKE IT HAPPEN GOAL! (Clean out my closet) - I was going to do this on Tuesday. However, we ended up taking dinner to my in-laws that evening, then Wednesday was church, and Thursday was my sister in law's singing competition, and Friday was Youth Group, and Saturday was other chores, and Sunday was ... (You get the picture!) Anyway, I didn't exactly clean out the closet, BUT I have a pile of clothes that are to be donated. 

So, despite a CRAZY week, ... I did pretty good! Here's what I have in store for THIS week! 

1) Clean my bedroom (Put away clothes, dispose of clothes that are too big, dust)

2) Run on Tuesday / Thursday 

3) Wash the dogs (Wednesday)

Make it Happen Goal! 
Take the items to donate to goodwill! 

There are my goals! I ask you to PLEASE help keep accountable!  Tweet to me and ask me how I'm doing with my chase! 
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