Thursday, April 4, 2013

April's 5 by the 5th!

Tuesday I took my family out for a 5K before heading out the door for dinner with friends. It was glorious! It was 82 degrees, humid and well buggy - BUT- I live in South Florida, of course it's going to be like that sometimes. Anyway, as part of my #13in2013 Challenge that I'm doing, I have to run 13 races in 2013. If you've ever registered for a race, you may know that running can be pretty pricey. WELL, thank you @MommyRunFaster for hosting the 5 by the 5th Challenge! Laura is hosting a challenge in which, by the 5th of the first 5 months in 2013, you have to run either a 5K, or a 5-miler! Then, after everyone (from all over the place- literally) completes the run we enter our times on a spreadsheet, and Laura hosts give-away AND a link up. So, we have the chance to win prizes and read the stories of so many other bloggers.

I didn't have any exciting places to run like last time, I just ran around my neighborhood. But, I took my little rats with me so it was fun!

Here's some pictures from the run!

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