Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I love/hate to run

I've been tweeting and talking a lot about motivation lately.

Well, yesterday I went for a 5k (virtual 5 by the 5th challenge). It was glorious!! I took my husband and two dogs with me and the 4 of us just had a great time. No goals were established. It was just about having fun. To keep it "fun" I even wore my #teamsparkle skirt!

If you are struggling with a desire to run, or work out or whatever healthy choice that has you turning the other way, own it. I fully admit that even though I loved running, the last couple weeks I didn't want to run! (At all!!) admit it, then tackle it. Think of it a different way. When I laced up my nikes, I had one goal. "Have fun". It was great, I found myself actually enjoying the run, enjoying the time with my family and well... Looking forward to running on Thursday!

Question: am I alone, does anyone else have to work to re-kindle the love of running?

*please excuse any typos, this was typed on my phone.
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