Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is Pretty Muddy ladies only?

Last year when I was preparing for my very first mud run, I had couple of questions. If you have been reading my blog for more than a few seconds you may realize that there is a Prince in my life, and that Prince and I go on all our adventures together.  So, of course I wondered if my Prince was going to be able to join me.

Is Pretty Muddy really ladies only? 

Let's see what the website says ... 

oookay. ... looks like this Princess is running it alone.
Seriously! that was my exact response. I was totally freaked out. I'd only been running a few months, I'd just gotten my wisdom teeth removed, I didn't know anyone running with me and aahhh ... haha

I remember wondering how I could get Prince Charming involved.

So, I continued searching through the website, and ran across the volunteer section.

"Men & Women who can help us get ladies to the start line, to corral people into their appropriate waves, and maybe even help us have fun at the after party"
Prince Charming can be a VOLUNTEER!

I sent him a quick text (to tell him I was registering him to volunteer) and was excited for what the day would hold!

Little did I know, I was going to find out about 2 days before the run that I did have friends running.

So, ... since Prince Charming was scheduled to volunteer from 6:30 - 10:30 and my friends were not running until the VERY LAST wave ... I ended up volunteering right along side of him and we spent a Pretty Muddy Day together!

2012 Recap Here. 

So, YES! Gentleman are allowed to attend the run, they just have to work! 

What if my Prince doesn't want to volunteer? 

Last year there were plenty of tables and chairs set up for friends and families to watch the grand ending of the run!  So, even if your prince doesn't want to volunteer he can always create a cheer leading section in your honor!

What are the benefits of Volunteering? 

Do you see this shirt? 
Yeah. So, Prince Charming and I both have one and I swear I am always either washing or folding one of them! It is one of the softest most comfortable shirts I've gotten for "free" in a long time. 

Erin's Top 5 Benefits for Volunteering
1) Unique Volunteer Shirt! 
2) Opportunity to work along with the Pretty Muddy Staff
3) You get to meet people from your same city that you probably would never have met! 
4) Snacks? 
5) Make memories that will last a lifetime! 

If you are not the type of person to wake up early, give up most of your Saturday to volunteer, PLEASE remember my top tip for making a volunteer actually want to answer your question.

Approach the volunteer with a smile (think positive, happy thoughts). Before you ask your question, please be prepared that the volunteer may not know the answer. Remember, volunteers are typically only given information that pertains to their simple task. If we don't know the answer to your question, follow up with a second question "do you know of someone I could speak to that might be able to better assist me".  Most of the time volunteers are near an official staff member that they can point you too and hopefully your question will be answered.


Volunteers are people too. They are worthy of a simple smile, a thank you and most importantly respect! 

Question: Have you ever volunteered for a race? - What was your experience? 

Disclaimer: I am a Team Pretty Muddy Blogger, I have been given one race entrance in exchange for this blog post. 

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