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...The Winner Is. ...

Firstly, thank you to the fabulous bloggers who nominated me for the "Versatile Blogger Award". It's true, I'm kind of an all over the place blogger. I write my story.


Running with a Stroller &  Once Upon a Run!


1. Photo. Add the versatile blogger award photo on a blog post.

2. Thank You.  Thank the person who presented you with the award on you post.

3. Share. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Contact. Contact 10-15 of your favorite bloggers and let them know they've been nominated!

7 Things. 

1. Opposites Attracted. I married my summer camp love after about 9 years of dating. (Our parent's didn't think 13 and 14 were appropriate ages to get married, so we had to "date" for a while... That was hard because, we weren't allowed to date yet either).

2. Birds. I'm deathly afraid of birds. I blame the pelican the took a giant poop on my arm when I was 11 years old.

3. Roaches.  naaaassty, keep them away please.

4. Dinosaurs.

Weekly Chase - 5/27

We have reached the beginning of summer, and I'm so excited to be blogging from one of my favorite places. Camp Horizon! Maybe it's because I grew up here, maybe it's because my parents live and serve here, who knows. I just love this place, and have had a great weekend hanging out with both my in-laws and non-in-laws. 
I hope your weekend was wonderful, and you had the opportunity to share it with family. I said a special little prayer for my friends and family serving in the Military.  

Once again, I'm linking up with Mindy and Molly for some the weekly chase. Link to their blogs is in the image above. 

Here's my chase from last week
Walk. I went on 1 walk with my pups and husband last week, we did 4 miles. It felt nice, but I was really tired. 
Sleep. Yep. I did very well getting my sleep last week. 
Jillian. Nope. I did not hang with Jillian this week. 
Bring a Friend Along. Yep. I prayed for my friend several times last week. I actually thought of her the day D…

"You'll know at the finish line..."

Sponsored Post*

As you are well aware, I'm completely addicted to running. Not only am I addicted to running, I have set some pretty big goals for myself. One of the goals is to be tough enough to finish a Tough Mudder. Therefore, when I was contacted by the Spartan Race, I was SUPER excited to be a part! I'm pretty sure I'll need some high intensity training to complete this thing, but hey! Why not?

The mission of the Spartan Race is to get YOU active, healthy and excited about change. It takes you back to the roots of running through the wilderness, getting dirty and of course facing some pretty tough challenges.

There are 3 levels of the Spartan Race.
1) Sprint
2) Super
3) Beast

and, if you are super tough. You can go for the DEATH.

So, what IS a Spartan Race? 

There are plenty of events, just check out the calendar and begin training!

Ready to compete with the Spartans but not sure how to train? Sign up for a WOD (Workout of the Day), and prepare yourselves!

Obviously, m…

Coffee with Chris

Today, is a very special day. It is the day in which my husband (Prince Charming) celebrates his BIRTHDAY!!! Tonight we are heading over to his parents home for his special birthday dinner, but today I am taking him to lunch!  I'm pretty excited. Anytime I get to see him in the middle of the day, I get pretty excited. - can't help it - I love him too much!

On Sunday we were running a little late to church. Since we were going to be late to the first meeting, he offered to take me out for coffee. I know you're thinking that we probably went to Starbucks.


We went to Einstein Bagels. (If you take your own travel mug, you can get coffee for $1.10 - and there are free refills)

While at Einstein we talked - and it was beautiful.

Since he's currently in his last semester of classes for graduate school (YAY!!!!) we have been talking a LOT about next steps.

Where do you want to work? What opportunities are available right now to build experience? ... The list of question…

Weekly Chase - The Eve of a birthday!

Tomorrow is Prince Charming's Birthday!!!! I love Birthdays, because they represent life, and growth, and often HAPPINESS! I also love celebrating my husband's birthday because it's a day that I can spoil him. He's not exactly into being the center of attention.

Typically I throw him a huge-ish party and we watch a movie, and have a lot of fun. This year he specifically asked me not to do a party. So, I only invited his family and was going to decorate the house all Goofy Themed and we were going to watch A Goofy Movie.

...well, I was so un-motivated to decorate that I skipped it.

We ended up watching race re-caps on YouTube with his family for most of the afternoon then we all kind of slept on the couches while A Goofy Movie was playing. Totally non-traditional birthday celebration for us.


I hope your week was fabulous. I'm about to come clean on how I did with my goals with week during the weekly chase!

Once again, I'm linking up with Mindy and Molly…

Fitness Friday!

I'm back for another Fitness Friday!  Once again, I'm linking up with Mindy from, as I originally saw this concept on her blog. Take some time to click on over to her blog - you won't be sorry!

Friday  Played Gator Ball with the Youth Group kids for about 30 minutes. 

Pinterest Ab WorkoutJillian Michaels, Fat Blaster Cardio Work Out! Sunday Laughed until I cried while watching a movie with my Abuela-in-law! (Ab workout?) Also Mother's Day AND my beautiful sister's birthday! 
Monday Jillian Michaels, No Trouble Zones Tuesday RestWednesday RestThursday Rest ...  I started off the week well, I just lost my steam in the middle. My plan is to come home from Youth Group on Friday and go for a nice long walk. Even though I've felt a little down about my lack of daily exercise, I was recently told by three different people that I looked "really skinny" I'm not exactly sure what they are seeing, but if three people say it, it must be a…

My New Look!

To everyone who provided feedback about my new banner, thank you! I'm in LOVE with the look, and I'm so blessed to have such talented friends! A special shout out to D.B.R. for taking concept and making it a reality!  I think I love it so much because if you've known my longer than a year, you know that it represents a little more than just my love for running Disney races.
On March 7th, 2008 Prince Charming asked me to be his wife. You can actually read about it on our wedding website.  Anyways, he proposed at the Brown Derby in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I always laugh when I think about that day because, it was the ONE day I went to Disney and didn't do my hair, didn't put on make up, and really didn't care. I was just happy to be going to Disney!! 
So, the first image represents our engagement. 
I only asked for a shoe and I got a Pink Nike shoe ... obviously the designer knows a little about me. :)  Anyway, the shoe is representative of a new chapter…

Weekly Chase! - 5/13

*Game Show Announcer Voice*

Welcome to A Storybook Life! ....

Yeah, I'm kind of tired from a busy weekend, and tend to get a little cheesy!

Once again, I'm linking up with Mindy and Molly for the weekly chase! It's a weekly check in on your goals. A time to reflect on how do did last week, and set goals for the upcoming week. Honestly, I love it! It helps me feel productive!

Before I get started. Who noticed my new banner?!?!?! What do you think?

Last Weeks Chase!
1. Run my 5 by the 5th - 5k DONE! (see post here
2.  Cook Dinners and Pack Lunches DONE! It was not easy. I even cooked on nights we typically go out (Friday before Youth Group for example!)
3. Begin Prepping for Chris' Birthday Party! DONE! We are having his family over on Sunday for lunch. On his actual birthday (May 21st) We are going to go to lunch together and then have his special birthday dinner at his parents house. His mom cooks you whatever you want on your birthday. It's kind of a fun tradition. …

Working for the Mouse!

It may or may not be a life long dream of mine to be a Disney Princess. I may never get to be a Disney Princess, but I did get to volunteer for the Mouse last Saturday and this is my experience. Full disclosure, I am a RunDisney / Disney fan, I have not other affiliations to the Walt Disney Company. The opinions posted are my very own. :)

To Volunteer is to freely offer to take part in an enterprise or task. Our first task? Run Disney Kids Races. I have always wondered what the Kids Races were like. Since we don't have children, I always felt it might seem a little strange to go watch. So, how can I get in on the excitement of the Kids Races? Volunteer of course!

To be honest, our original intent was not to work the Everest Weekend. On the first Saturday in May of 2012, I laced up my sneakers and ran my very first 5K. The Everest Challenge. I had been begging Prince Charming to let us register but the event sold out before we could register. So, we opted to volunteer. A perk of vol…

Fitness Friday!

Mindy over on is always motivating and inspiring me on her blog. She hosts the Weekly Chase each Monday and Fitness Friday each Friday. Since I have some pretty big goals this year, (train for the goofy challenge and lose 30+ pounds) I have decided to start joining Mindy on posting my Fitness pursuits for each week. Not every week will be pretty, but I will do my best to stay focused and motivated on crushing my goals! 

Saturday  Volunteered at the RunDisney Kids Races and Everest Challenge! 
Sunday  Rest Day
Monday Walked 1 mile with my little rats! (Rat Terriers)Ran 5 by the 5th ChallengeLevel 1, 30 Day ShredTuesday .75 mile walk / run with my rats! Level 2, 30 Day ShredWednesday 1 Mile Run (FASTEST MILE RECORDED!)Level 2, 30 Day ShredThursday .25 mile walk with my ratsRest So, I had a pretty good week. No pounds lost, but I made pretty good choices with my eating and did really well with my exercise! Yes, I took 2 rest days, but ... I gotta be careful. I have …

Product Review: Vitacost

It seemed like only yesterday, but actually when I looked through my blog it was at Thanksgiving that I last blogged about If you aren't familiar, it's a website to purchase health and beauty supplies at a discounted rate.

From the Website:
With Vitacost, you don't have to choose between stores that sell products you don't really want at super-low prices, and stores that sell the better health and wellness products you want at crazy-high prices. We offer over 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet foods and healthy living essentials-the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods and sports nutrition-at discount prices, up to 50% off. And we'll deliver them right to your door for FREE if your order totals $49 or more. Otherwise, shipping is just a small, flat-rate fee of $4.99, no matter how big the box.

The slogan for the company is that they "take the cost out of healthy living" As a runner on a budget, I'm a…

5 by the 5th - May!

I can hardly believe May is already here. We've had a couple days of beautiful weather, so it was pretty exciting to head out for my run with a cool breeze and 79 degree temp!

Thank you Laura from for hosting the 5 by the 5th Challenge! I've truly had a blast, and am a little sad that next month is the last one!

I've been crazy busy the last week or two, and so I wasn't able to get my run in until the 6th. My philosophy is, ... it's the 5th somewhere right? I'm not doing this challenge for any kind of recognition or prizes. - I mean, don't get me wrong... Prizes are FUN! I'm just using this challenge as a tool to help motivate me to keep running. So far, it has worked! So, thanks again Laura for such a great Virtual Run Series!

As I have tried to do with the past couple Virtual 5k's, I brought my little rats along with me (Rat Terriers). Since I try to use these shorter runs as an opportunity to think about my stride, and…

Weekly Chase 5/6/13

Linking up with Mindy ( and Molly ( for another great chase! Be sure that you check out their for some more great chases!

Last Week. 

I had big goals to run, do yoga ... and meal plan. Sadly. The only thing I was able to check off of my goals list was post about the Glow Run.

Since we had registered to volunteer for Disney's Everest Challenge, and we've started our month of Birthdays, we seemed to be out of the house EVERY night this week! Seriously, it was crazy! Sooo, here is my goals for this week.

1) Do my 5 by the 5th (on the 6th). - I had planned to run it on Saturday in Orlando between volunteer shifts, BUT since we had Youth Group on Friday, Prince Charming and I were up until 12:30 and we were leaving from Miami to Disney's Wide World of Sports for the Kids Races! Yeah. Our first volunteer shift was at 8:30 a.m. Therefore, we had to leave our home by 3:00 a.m. to be sure we arrived on time.  When our shift …

Top 10 Memories: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my top 10 memories from my recent trip to Colorado Springs!

Part 1.

Actually ... I was a guest  my husbands podcast show (The Christopher Jimenez Show) tonight. He talked about some of his favorite memories from the trip, and then asked me what my most favorite memory was. I'm a little camera shy when it comes to my voice, I always feel like my voice is young and kind of .... whiny. (haha just being honest).

Anyways. You can listen to the episode (It's Episode 21).

Number 5: The Bucket List
I was super excited to check off a bucket list item by running in the glow run. You can read the post here!

Glow Run.

Number 4: Road Trip!
Prince Charming and I rented a car, and since we aren't afraid of road trips (we actually love them) we took the LONG trip from Colorado Springs all the way up the top of the mountain to the Rocky Mountain State Park and explored Estes Park. It was BEAUTIFUL!! Everyone should go there. In fact, I want to go back!

Number 3: Chicken Pett…

Top 10 Memories: Part 1

Who was watching my Instagram account last week like suuuuper jealous?


Prince Charming and I were in Colorado, and we had SO much fun exploring.

You can read about our first official day of exploring here. As you can see, we were SUPER busy! If I were to give a recap about all of our adventures this blog would turn into a travel blog. As much as I love traveling, this is more of a, running, Erin's crazy and blogs about everything blog!

So, I've narrowed it down to my top 10 favorite memories / adventures from the trip!

Number 10 The Snowy Welcome 
When we landed in Colorado Springs (after literally an entire day of traveling) we were greeted with snow flurries! Prince Charming and I danced around in the parking lot taking pictures of the snow, and laughing ... All we kept saying was "look at the snow, it's like powder!!" We had just flown in from Miami, we are the early stages of our rainy season... So, ... snow was a big deal!

Number 9

Little Brother.

Little brother Joe, Joe turns 20 tomorrow.

How did that happen?

When Prince Charming and I met (& instantly fell in love!), Joe was 6!

Hard to believe.

Anyways, happy birthday to my little bro, Joe!

The Month of Birthdays!

Alright, May is here! For a lot of you, it just means spring time. For my family it means ... birthday season!

Yes, my husband and both his Brother and Sister were born during the month of May. Add graduations, Mothers Day and celebrations of co-worker birthdays and you have a pile of excess sugar flowing through your veins.

Seriously. This week I've celebrated 4 birthdays. ... 4!

What's a girl on a mission to look healthy and fabulous for her 5 year anniversary cruise supposed to do??

Healthy Choices.

I have not denied any of the birthday cakes, pies or pizza. I have enjoyed the parties and treats. BUT. It was my decision to eat them. Therefore, I must live with the consequences. (Note: my tummy is hating me right now).


What can I do to prevent myself from falling off the healthy choices pattern?

I do what I do best.

I made a plan!

1) water, water, Water!!
2) High veggie dinners and lunches
3) be cautious of carbs

Now, I've had a couple days of bad choi…