Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My New Look!

To everyone who provided feedback about my new banner, thank you! I'm in LOVE with the look, and I'm so blessed to have such talented friends! A special shout out to D.B.R. for taking concept and making it a reality!  I think I love it so much because if you've known my longer than a year, you know that it represents a little more than just my love for running Disney races.

On March 7th, 2008 Prince Charming asked me to be his wife. You can actually read about it on our wedding website.  Anyways, he proposed at the Brown Derby in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I always laugh when I think about that day because, it was the ONE day I went to Disney and didn't do my hair, didn't put on make up, and really didn't care. I was just happy to be going to Disney!! 

So, the first image represents our engagement. 

I only asked for a shoe and I got a Pink Nike shoe ... obviously the designer knows a little about me. :)  Anyway, the shoe is representative of a new chapter in my life and our marriage. A chapter in which we closed the book on bad health decisions and went on a journey towards better health. 

AND we are currently training for the Goofy Challenge

Everyone has a journey to go with their story, this is just a little piece of mine. Every day when I see that people actually read my blog and some of you even give comments!! I'm reminded of how blessed I am. I am reminded that I have many cheerleaders, cheering me on and I am so thankful! 

Thank's for being a part of my journey! 

Question: Does your blog banner represent something deeper? 
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