Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Month of Birthdays!

Alright, May is here! For a lot of you, it just means spring time. For my family it means ... birthday season!

Yes, my husband and both his Brother and Sister were born during the month of May. Add graduations, Mothers Day and celebrations of co-worker birthdays and you have a pile of excess sugar flowing through your veins.

Seriously. This week I've celebrated 4 birthdays. ... 4!

What's a girl on a mission to look healthy and fabulous for her 5 year anniversary cruise supposed to do??

Healthy Choices.

I have not denied any of the birthday cakes, pies or pizza. I have enjoyed the parties and treats. BUT. It was my decision to eat them. Therefore, I must live with the consequences. (Note: my tummy is hating me right now).


What can I do to prevent myself from falling off the healthy choices pattern?

I do what I do best.

I made a plan!

1) water, water, Water!!
2) High veggie dinners and lunches
3) be cautious of carbs

Now, I've had a couple days of bad choices but its not too late to turn it around.

Hold me accountable! Help me make the better choice.

Question: what tips do you have for helping me stay on track?

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