Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Chase - 5/27

We have reached the beginning of summer, and I'm so excited to be blogging from one of my favorite places. Camp Horizon! Maybe it's because I grew up here, maybe it's because my parents live and serve here, who knows. I just love this place, and have had a great weekend hanging out with both my in-laws and non-in-laws. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful, and you had the opportunity to share it with family. I said a special little prayer for my friends and family serving in the Military.  

Road Runner Girl

Once again, I'm linking up with Mindy and Molly for some the weekly chase. Link to their blogs is in the image above. 

Here's my chase from last week

Walk. I went on 1 walk with my pups and husband last week, we did 4 miles. It felt nice, but I was really tired. 

Sleep. Yep. I did very well getting my sleep last week. 

Jillian. Nope. I did not hang with Jillian this week. 

Bring a Friend Along. Yep. I prayed for my friend several times last week. I actually thought of her the day Disney was open for 24 hours. Last time I took her to Disney it was open for 16 hours and we enjoyed ALL 16 hours. Well, ... I ENJOYED it. Not sure my friend did. 

This week I'm chasing the following. ... 

Sleep. Yeah, I'm going to sleep some more this week. It felt good to get some rest. 

Walk.  Walk two days 

Meal Plan.  I need to plan my meals, and cook. It will be a little harder since we were out of the house for the week. BUT We'll get it done. 

Bring a friend along.  This week, I'm going to pray for my other best friend. Prince Charming. He's pretty stressed with classes right now and since I cant do much else for his classes I'll pray that these next 8 weeks fly by! 

In other grad school news, his very last class is on my BIRTHDAY!! Praise the Lord, it's like the best gift ever!! 

So, those are my goals. 

What are you chasing? 

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