Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Chase! - June 10th

Road Runner Girl

The weeks are just FLYING and it's already time for my link up with Mindy and Molly. Be sure to check out their blogs for some great chases and motivation! (web address included in the image above)

Last Week! I chased a couple house goals.

Let's see how I did!

1.  Finish going through my clothes. DONE!

2. Fold Laundry! - Done! I finished folding all the laundry, and my Prince Charming was kind enough to carry it all upstairs and help me put it away (spoiled much?)

3. Organize downstairs closets.  - Sorta done. I organized a few things but it's not where I wanted it to be.


1. Calorie Goal! - Yes! I did much better with my calorie goal this week, I was super proud of myself.

2. Go on at least 2 runs - Um. No. It is just SO hot, I'm really struggling with my motivation to run.

_ _ _

I felt that I did pretty well with my goals, I struggled with the running goal but it will be okay. Starting the Monday after Father's Day, we have a huge event at work so my schedule is going to change for the week. Therefore, I will probably not be able to get many fitness or home goals accomplished during that week. Sooooo, I need to make the most of this week!


1. Rest up & Hydrate for next week! - Since my schedule will be pretty packed, I need to be sure I go into the week with plenty of rest and of course hydration.

2. Get my butt out the door and run!

3. Continue to be cautious of my calorie goal.


1.  Vacuum & Dust upstairs.

2.  Go through 2 boxes in our guest room.

3.  Wash the dogs & their bedding.

Those are my goals. Pretty boring, the biggest challenge will be the run. I simply have no desire to run, and I need to get out of the funk!

Has anyone else hit a running funk since the weather changed? 

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