Thursday, July 11, 2013


In case you missed it... Prince Charming and I are expecting our first child in January (Story Here!)!! We are SO excited!! I am currently 12.5 weeks along, and for those of you who like to count... That puts me due a little less than a week after the Goofy Challenge.

So, my dreams of Goofy have been changed. As much as I'd LOVE to run 13.1 miles on Saturday and then 26.2 on Sunday, I have to defer until 2015. During my first appointment the doctor asked me those loaded questions....

"So, is this a good time for you to be having a baby?" - ABSOLUTELY! 

"What's going on in your life right now, that might be a concern" - Well, I'm about to begin training for a Marathon Challenge. (pause) it's in January.  haha I LOVE that the Doctor looked at me straight in the eye and said "You're going to need to defer that" I wish it stopped there. She then followed up with (to Prince Charming) "You'll need to defer as well".  We definitely laughed out loud after that conversation!

Anyways!! I'm really trying to keep my blog a healthy lifestyle / fitness blog. However, I'm REALLY excited that I have been given the gift and responsibility of being a mom. The Lord has been very good to me, and I feel completely blessed! Sooo, please bear with me as I share how we shared our news with the world!

The Parents

Chris' Parents - We met them at Starbucks for coffee, and let them unwrap a "mothers / fathers day gift"  They were of course SO excited!

My Parents - We skyped with my parents and just showed them my baby blanket. There were a LOT of technology / sound issues so it was a little disappointing but totally worth it to SEE their reactions.

 The Elder's of our Church
We attend a very small church and are very close with the Elders. So we wanted to share the news with them early. Mostly because we felt we needed people we could talk too, and pray for us and just be on our team during the early stages of pregnancy. The announcements weren't creative (at all) it was basically just a conversation followed by lots of stories, hugs and prayers!

The Siblings

My siblings - I called them and did some small talk for about two seconds and then said "well, you're going to be an aunt!" OF COURSE there was screaming and "really?"  (Except Dana, who says "like a fur baby or human baby?")

Chris' siblings - Alexis was preparing to go on a mission trip to Poland, and Joe was about to go to camp for the summer so we framed it as "sibling dinner before you leave". We had a lovely dinner (I ate a whole bowl of Olive Garden Salad) and then after dinner Chris says "speaking of parents, we're going to be parents" ...

Joe's reaction - Fist Pumps, Clapping and Cheers
Alexis' reaction - Through the tears "Are you for real? Don't LIE TO ME!"

Oh how I love these people I call my siblings!

We went to dinner with some friends and during the prayer for the meal Chris casually mentions Baby Jimenez. ... By the end of dinner the whole pregnancy / showers / gender reveal was planned.

Chris was scheduled to speak on Wednesday at Chapel. So, he spoke and then as done every prayer meeting, prayer requests were given and written on the board. Right before he sat down he wrote "Baby Jimenez" in the praise section.

Now the whole world knows ... because last night we put it on Facebook!!! 

I have never in the history of Facebook recieved so much love. I'm completely blown away by all the love and encouragement we have recieved!

Baby Jimenez, you are SO loved!

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