Friday, July 19, 2013

Fitness Friday!! - July

Since I'm back in the weekly chase, I decided to put myself back on track with my fitness Friday! I'm still in Tampa for VBS so this is coming from my phone. Feel free to excuse any typos. :) 

Now that we are expecting, my husband and I have been super motivated to exercise. I wish I would begin craving vegetables or something... But I hear the beginning is the hardest to eat right. Hopefully... I did crave a salad the other day so of course I went right out to chick fil a and bought it! (It was delicious!)

Now onto my fitness!! 

- up and down the stairs for about an hour while packing the car. (It was exhausting, and got my heart rate up so it counts - right?)

- walked around the mall

- 20 minute of lap swimming 
- mall (4) hours of walking 

- 20 minutes of lap swimming 

- the zoo (lots of walking) 

- going to ikea (more walking) 
- will swim tonight again 

There you have it! My fitness for the week. 

How have you moved your body this week??

Be sure to check out Mindy at She is the original inspiration behind this post. 
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