Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinterest Tested! - S'more Craving Satisfied.

Last week about 4 different people pinned the most amazing looking S'more dip I'd ever seen. Now, my whole pregnancy I haven't exactly had late night cravings or been eating crazy things like pickles and ice cream. The closest thing to a craving I've had is the desire for Cuban food at every meal. - But, if I don't get it I'm fine. HOWEVER, that s'more dip made my stomach growl out of nowhere. Just to be sure it was something I really wanted I waited 3 days before indulging. I figured, if after 3 days I'm still  thinking about gooey marshmallows, warm chocolate and a crispy graham cracker crunch it was time to treat myself!

Before I get started - let me give you the source for the S'more dip. I originally found it on Pinterest, but then tracked the source back to the Bake-a-holic Mama! "S'more Crack Dip" 

Recipe Review.

Difficulty of Instructions. 
Extremely easy (kid friendly!)

Difficulty of Recreating. 
Let's be honest for a moment. Who hasn't looked at a recipe on Pinterest and thought "That's SO EASY" and then in about five minutes realize every dish in your kitchen is filthy and although the taste of the recipe seems like it should be right there is NO way you'd ever take an instagram worthy photo...  I mean, it happens to me ALL the time. I once tried to use bar soap to make body wash (that was a disaster!)... Sometimes the things we find on pinterest are NOT as easy as described.

This is not the case with this recipe! It was so easy and took only about 10 minutes from start to finish!!

Delicious! My sister, husband and I devoured the pan in about 10 minutes.

Obviously this s'more dip doesn't give the same taste as a campfire s'more and you didn't get to play with fire to create a perfect summer snack. BUT, it DID satisfy this pregnant lady's craving for a s'more.

So, thank you Bakaholic Mama for sharing your wonderful recipe!

Please enjoy our proof photos, and let me know if you've ever tried this or a similar recipe!

Disclaimer. I didn't actually make this. My wonderful husband made it while I watching the Amazing Race!
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