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Vote for Azaliah! (My Sister in law!)

The following is a post to spread awareness of a contest my sister in law is currently participating in.

Background Information:
My sister in law and her best friend are two young women with a heart to sing, and serve. Most recently they had the opportunity to sing and serve at a woman's camp in Poland!

Their Website. 

The Contest:
They submitted a video into a cover contest put on by artist Jonathan Thulin and Dream Records. The winner of the contest has the opportunity to open for Jonathan at an upcoming show. The girls would love to have the opportunity for this experience!

The contest works based on the number of views on YouTube!

Here is where YOU come in! 
Take a few minutes to watch their performance of "Dead come to Life" on YOUTUBE! Each view counts as a vote, and every vote counts!

Connect with Azaliah


Cruise Recap 2: The Beach!

Recap 1 - Fitness
Prince Charming and I were packing our things to come home from the cruise, we commented on how often we were in our swim suits this cruise.  Every other cruise I've been on it has been in either November or December. Sometimes i'd brave the beach or the pool but to be honest ... it wasn't enjoyable for this Florida Girl. 
Cruising in AUGUST you practically LIVE in your bathing suit. Soaking up the sun, enjoying the seabreeze, and staying cool in the water. 
Here are some of my favorite beach memories and tips to remember for the next cruise! 

Half Moon Cay Memories Having a stingray swim right under me while I was snorkelingThe clarity of the water Getting a tanPlaying on swings with my sister in law Tips This is a tendered port, be sure to get up and get your tender ticket as early as possiblePack a water bottle (or two) it can be hot on the beach, and remember ... you tendered over from the ship Pack plenty of sunscreen, hat, sneakers Sneakers if you want …

Bump-date, Week 19

We have made it to week 19!

Baby Jimenez is still treating me very well. I was able to stay very active on our cruise (see post here), and have had very minimal sickness due to pregnancy. In fact, my pregnancy sickness is usually just heartburn.

I did pick up a sore throat and some post nasal drip on the cruise, I talked it over with my doctor today and was given some suggestions on natrual things to try as well as a recommendation of a medication to use in case I don't get better.

So, week 19!

Today was supposed to be the day that we found out he or she ... but there was a miscommunication when I made my appointment and well. ... we didn't get to see baby Jimenez today.  I will call tomorrow and make the appointment for the full anatomy ultrasound.


I'm pretty sure the closest thing to a craving I've had is peanut putter. I'm obsessed! Seriously, I hope Baby Jimenez isn't allergic because of me. ...

Weight Gain.

I lost 10-11 pounds during my first tr…

Cruise Recap 1: Fitness for two!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines. I was a guest with my family onboard the Carnival Liberty. The opinions posted are my very own.


Back to School, Christmas ... same thing right?  Well, this year the Jimenez side of the family had plans to celebrate Christmas on board a cruise ship. Yep! We were going to load up onto the ship on December 15th and set sail. I was getting really excited, because I'd be right near the end of my Goofy Training, and probably be about 20-25 pounds lighter. My goals were set, and I was READY!

Until. ...


Since Carnival only allows women less than 24 weeks pregnant to cruise, Christmas came early!

So far I've had an extremely wonderful pregnancy. I've been healthy, I didn't start gaining weight until this week (YAY CRUISE - FINALLY GAINED SOME WEIGHT!), and I just feel so happy! Since I feel so fabulous, I've made a commitment to keep my activity levels up, and remain…

The Happiest 5K!

Are you a runner, a walker, a non-athletic person who loves to have fun?
This "race", yes, THIS race is for YOU!  THE COLOR RUN!  Why is this run so perfect for EVERYONE?  No pace requirementsNo minimum / maximim age requirementsNo possible way to be involved in the event and NOT smileTwo rules! Whear white at the starting lineFinish covered in color!  Why do I love the Color Run?  The goal of the Color Run is to promote healthy living! Not only for individuals but families!  I've been very open and honest about my struggles with healthy living, and my weight. So, when I see a FUN run with the target of EVERYONE I get excited! I get excited because I strongly believe that working out and making healthy choices should be FUN!  The color run, my friends is exactly that -FUN! 

Does the Color Run come to my city?  The 2013 Color Run is traveling to over 100 cities, so there is sure to be one near you! 
Check out the list of locations HERE
Last year I ran with my s…


Have you ever just sat back and realized how blessed you are? 
It happened to me this afternoon. I was sitting in the car with the love of my life and all I could think about was how blessed and honored I am to be married to Chris. 
Take note boys and girls. He is an example of a Godly husband and a true best friend. 

Weekly Chase!

Weekly Chase! 
Linking up with Mindy ( and Molly ( for this post. 
Check out their blogs for more goals and bloggers chasing their goals! 
Confession: I've been such a bad blogger lately. :-/ I am just so busy and wit VBS next week, vacation the week after and my husbands last semester of grad school the week after I'm not sure how it will get easier. Regardless, I do my best!
Here are my goals for this week. 
Walk 3 days - incorporate some running!
Hydrate - I've struggled to stay hydrated lately, that needs to stop. :)
Blog about the color run! 
Begin packing for vacation! - vacation is in 2 weeks but We have VBS next week and my dad coming to town the same day we return home after vacation so I have lots of prep work! 
Those are my goals for the week! What are you chasing? 

The TUTU 10K

Some of you may remember a LOOOONG time ago (June 1st)  my husband sister in law and I ran a Tutu 10K relay? Well, I never did a recap of the run because I wanted to wait until the news of Baby Jimenez was announced.

So, now that it's announced. I will give you the long awaited recap!

Location: Key West, Florida.

Course: We began in a restaurant parking lot right on the beach mostly followed the water line and at a certain spot turned around.

Teams could be as big as you wanted, but it must contain 3 people.

The Experience:
At the time of the race, I was about 7 weeks pregnant. At that time, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and trying not to be moody (since no one knew I was expecting!) So, when the humidity was close to 100% and the temperature was not far behind I was NOT having a good run. Truth be told, if my sister in law hadn't been with me for part of the run I probably would have cried during the run.

Now, MY experience was directly related to where I was in …