Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cruise Recap 1: Fitness for two!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines. I was a guest with my family onboard the Carnival Liberty. The opinions posted are my very own.


Back to School, Christmas ... same thing right?  Well, this year the Jimenez side of the family had plans to celebrate Christmas on board a cruise ship. Yep! We were going to load up onto the ship on December 15th and set sail. I was getting really excited, because I'd be right near the end of my Goofy Training, and probably be about 20-25 pounds lighter. My goals were set, and I was READY!

Until. ...


Since Carnival only allows women less than 24 weeks pregnant to cruise, Christmas came early!

So far I've had an extremely wonderful pregnancy. I've been healthy, I didn't start gaining weight until this week (YAY CRUISE - FINALLY GAINED SOME WEIGHT!), and I just feel so happy! Since I feel so fabulous, I've made a commitment to keep my activity levels up, and remain as "fit" as possible over the next few months.

**Attention All. I have been cleared by my Doctor to continue running, and other forms of moderate exercise. We discuss my current and future exercise plans during all my visits, and am very careful to stay hydrated, and as cool as possible. If you are currently pregnant, PLEASE have a conversation with your Doctor prior to beginning or changing anything in your regular exercise routine.**

So here we go, fitness for two on board the Carnival Liberty!

Saturday - Boarding the Ship

  • walking  / stairs
    • The first day of any cruise, the elevators are SUPER slow. Therefore, I walked (a LOT!). 
Sunday - Half Moon Cay, Private Beach in the Bahamas! 
  • snorkeling
  • walking on the beach
Monday - Sea Day! 
  • GYM! Walked 20 minutes on the treadmill while watching the ocean
  • more stairs 
  • swimming in the pool
St. Thomas
Tuesday - St. Thomas 
  • Butterfly Garden Tour
  • walked to downtown (about 2-ish miles round trip)
Puerto Rico
Wednesday - Puerto Rico!
  • Drove to the Rain Forest (that counts as 1 pregnant lady, ab workout!) 
  • Hiked to the top of a Tower in El Yunque National Forest
  • Hiked to a waterfall in El Yunque National Forest (about 2 miles round trip)
    • Some swam in the pool by the falls, I just put my feet in the water to cool off and relax)
  • Walked / Shopped around Old San Juan
  • jogged back to the ship (.25ish miles) 
    • we had to run because we had to be on the ship by 3:00 p.m. and it was 2:56 p.m.
Puerto Rico
Grand Turk
Thursday - Grand Turk
  • snorkeling in rough waters 
  • walking on the beach collecting sea shells (.5 miles)
  • swimming in the pool 
Friday - Sea Day! 
  • Mini Golf! 
  • walking  / stairs 
    • very minimal use of elevators
  • Swimming
Saturday - We are home! 

As you can see, I stayed VERY active on our family vacation. I absolutely LOVED that I didn't get seasick, and that I was able to stay active during the whole vacation.  Baby Jimenez is a pretty good baby so far. :-) I think he/she will fit in pretty nicely with our little family! 

FYI - Yes, I was SUPER active during the cruise. That being said, I made sure to hydrate often and was in bed sleeping by 9:00 p.m. (sometimes 8:00 p.m.) every night. Had to make sure Baby Jimenez and I were getting our rest. 

Question: How do you stay active on a cruise or family vacation? 

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