Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cruise Recap 2: The Beach!

Grand Turk

Prince Charming and I were packing our things to come home from the cruise, we commented on how often we were in our swim suits this cruise.  Every other cruise I've been on it has been in either November or December. Sometimes i'd brave the beach or the pool but to be honest ... it wasn't enjoyable for this Florida Girl. 

Cruising in AUGUST you practically LIVE in your bathing suit. Soaking up the sun, enjoying the seabreeze, and staying cool in the water. 

Here are some of my favorite beach memories and tips to remember for the next cruise! 

Half Moon Cay
  • Having a stingray swim right under me while I was snorkeling
  • The clarity of the water 
  • Getting a tan
  • Playing on swings with my sister in law 
  • This is a tendered port, be sure to get up and get your tender ticket as early as possible
  • Pack a water bottle (or two) it can be hot on the beach, and remember ... you tendered over from the ship 
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen, hat, sneakers 
    • Sneakers if you want to enjoy the jogging trail
  • When you get to the beach, walk all the way towards the end you have a better chance of finding chairs, you'll be close to the bathroom and you can still enjoy the DJ
Grand Turk
Grand Turk
  • Watching Prince Charming, his dad and brother snorkle from the beach
  • The water 
  • Pack water 
    • The boat isn't far, but you'll want to enjoy as much time as possible in the water. It's that beautiful! 
  • When you get off the boat, walk all the way to the opposite side of Margarittaville. There is tons of open beach space and it's beautiful! 

I love the beach so much, and loved swimming in Grand Turk and the Bahamas! It was so beautiful!

Question: How much time do you spend at the beach while on a tropical vacation or a cruise?  
Grand Turk

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