Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Chase!

Weekly Chase! 

Linking up with Mindy ( and Molly ( for this post. 

Check out their blogs for more goals and bloggers chasing their goals! 

Confession: I've been such a bad blogger lately. :-/ I am just so busy and wit VBS next week, vacation the week after and my husbands last semester of grad school the week after I'm not sure how it will get easier. Regardless, I do my best!

Here are my goals for this week. 

Walk 3 days - incorporate some running!

Hydrate - I've struggled to stay hydrated lately, that needs to stop. :)

Blog about the color run! 

Begin packing for vacation! - vacation is in 2 weeks but We have VBS next week and my dad coming to town the same day we return home after vacation so I have lots of prep work! 

Those are my goals for the week!
What are you chasing? 

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