Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Chase! - 9/30

Road Runner Girl

So, last week I TOTALLY missed the weekly chase. I'm not sure what happened. The weekly chase links up with Mindy and Molly (blog links in image above), and we basically just talk about our upcoming goals and come clean on how we did with our goals from the previous week. 

Last Chase.   I did everything on my goals except the cleaning of the closet. ... and that's still not done. :)

Goals for this week! 

1) Walk on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
2) Fold the laundry that is currently a mountain on my love seat. ... 
3) Have fun! 

This is a very busy week for me, so my goals are going to be very simple. The last goal "have fun" is to remind me that even though I'm SO busy I need remember to HAVE FUN! Because some day soon, my baby girl will be here and I'll really know what being busy is like. 

What are your goals? 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bumpdate! - 23 wks & 5 days

The other day I was fixing my hair in the mirror and thought "is that MY belly?" ... Seriously, I don't know when it got that big - but it did! I still feel fabulous, and am totally honored to be able to run.

I've had a couple of funny moments that I thought i'd share.

Baby Flutters & Rat Terriers! 
As you know, I have the most beautiful Rat Terriers in the world (Mom moment? - yeah, I'm a little biased). My dear sweet Romeo has been OBSESSED with my belly. He just absolutely LOVES to have either his head or paw on my belly. Baby girl has been super active lately, and the other day when Romeo was leaning on my belly she kicked him. It must have been pretty hard because it completely startled him and I got the funniest look from him. So, ... did it make him any less obsessed with my belly? No, in fact he's even MORE in love with my belly.

Lately, I'm crazy about Cheetos. I just can't get enough. I know that I shouldn't eat them because of the processed cheese and all - but seriously? how can you stop when it's just so delicious?!?! - I ate a family size bag in 2 days.

Now what? 
Starting in October we go from appointments every 4 weeks to having them every 2 weeks. AAAHHH ALREADY? When my Doctor told me that I said "What? already?" she laughed and said "Erin, you'll be in your 3rd trimester at our next appointment"
That shocked me, and made me realize that


Not only is time flying, but I have SO little time to think that I have no idea when we're going to get Baby Girls nursery set up. If Chris is feeling better by Saturday (he's been sick all week) we are going to head on over to BuyBuyBaby and register! - That should be a fun adventure, and help me at least feel like I'm getting things done.

Question: What types of goals did you set for yourself when you were pregnant? Or anyone too fast?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday!! Sometimes I get so excited about Friday, I just wanna sing. Seriously. As you know, for Fitness Friday, I link up with Mindy over on

Fitness Friday is a celebration of celebrating the accomplishments and healthy choices we've made throughout the weeek!


The Zoo Run, 5K 

1-mile walk

1-mile walk

Packet pick up for the Miami Children's Hospital 5K.
Here's last years re-cap. 


Youth Group Games

How were you active this week?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miami Zoo Run - Recap!

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to participate in an inagural run at the Miami Zoo. One of my fitness dreams for this year was to run in an inagural race, and I got to run in TWO (so far).  The first one was the Tutu 10K relay and the second, of course this one!

My thoughts!

Packet Pick Up
They had packet pick up at a local running store, and everything was super organized. I was in an out super quick, and even had a chance to check out a new running belt.

The Event
We arrived at the event nice and early, found parking and headed to the start line. Note to self, porta-potties are gross. Porta-potties when you're pregnant are unbearable! (Runner Problems) Anyways!! The event started on time after a moment of silence in memory of September 11th, as well as The 2013 Boston Marathon. I had tears in my eyes as a crowd of 2200 runners + spectators stood silently reflecting on freedom.

The course was great, and who wouldn't love running through the zoo?  One of my favorite aspects of running through the zoo is the amount of families who run together. When I think of zoos, I think family and memories. When I think zoo runs ... I think healthy active fun for families!

The Post Event
After the run there were several vendors, bounce houses and activities. I certainly enjoyed walking around eating all the samples. :)

In addition to all of the samples, bounce houses and other fun activities the zoo was open for everyone to enjoy!

Pregnant Running
Wow! Running while pregnant is not easy. I ended up walking most of the 5K - but I did manage to complete my goal.

My goal was to complete the 5k in under an hour and my time was 52 minutes and 4 seconds.

Question: What has been your most recent fitness goal that you accomplished? 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Chase!

Road Runner Girl

Last week, I posted my goals here

Here's how I did. 

1) Design a closet concept for the baby girl. - Yeah, thanks to Pinterest I have officially thought up an idea for the closet. Now, I just gotta get my husband to help me complete it! 

2) set a budget for baby furniture - Yes! Crib picked, dresser picked

3) Run two miles on Tuesday. - Nope! lol, I did not and I have no excuses! 

4) Run the Zoo Run - Yes! My goal was to complete the 5K in under an hour and at 52 minutes and 4 seconds, this mom-to-be met her goal! 

This week, I'm chasing... 

Fitness - 
1) Walk atleast 1 mile 2 days this week.
2) Miami Children's 5K - don't go over 55 minutes

Food - 
1) Eat less sweets - I've been a bad girl lately. 
2) Continue to drink lots of water.

Baby - 
1) Empty everything out of the baby's room and find a new home OR donate

What are you chasing this week? 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrating a Non-Scale Victory!

Since I'm expecting, I no longer get the pleasure of standing on a scale and celebrating when I lose weight. In fact, when I lost weight during my first trimester there was NO celebration.

So, I thought it was time to celebrate a non-scale victory!

What is a non-scale victory?
It's reaching a goal, or noticing a healthy change in your life and celebrating it!

My Non-scale victory?

Last October I had to buy a new suit for work. I bought a beautiful suit, that "fit" but was a little snug. Since I was losing weight I figured it wouldn't a problem. Since I got pregnant I haven't exactly tried the suit on.

Until... Tuesday.

Tuesday I had to wear a suit to work and guess what ...

Not only did it fit.
It didn't look horrible, and was even a little lose in some places and not too tight around my bump!


That was my non-scale victory!

What's your's? - What are you celebrating right now?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Chase! Sept. 10th

This week is another busy week for me! If you read about my chase last week you saw that we were preparing to announce the gender of our baby. 

Well, it's a girl!! 

Feel free to check out yesterday's post for a YouTube video on how we announced. 

I'm also happy to report that I completed all of my goals from last week except 1. I only walked once. BUT! I walked back and forth across campus many days at work so that counts as daily activity (ESP. When it's done in heels - right?)

This week! 
1) design a closet concept for the baby girl.

2) set a budget for baby furniture 

3) run 2 miles on Tuesday 

4) run the Zoo Run (5k) on Sunday! 

I'm really excited about the zoo run! Mostly because I love animals, the zoo, running, and... lol. I'm just excited! 

What are you chasing this week?  What tips do you have to keep this pregnant lady motivated to work out!? 

Linking up with Mindy ( and Molly (

Sunday, September 8, 2013

He or She? ...

If by chance you missed it ... We are having a GIRL!

Prince Charming and I found out on August 29th, but we had to keep it a secret until my parents could come into town for the big reveal! So, our dear friends opened their home and allowed us to invite our families and friends over to announce!

I asked a friend to photograph the event, so I only have a few pictures right now. As soon as I have the pictures, I'll post. In the meantime, here's the schedule of the party!

Prince Charming and I went over to our friends house (in the pouring rain) early on Saturday morning to decorate. I was dropped off to decorate and Papi went to party city to get the final supplies for the reveal ready!

Our guests arrived, and voted!

We then had an "Old Wives Tales, Gender Prediction Trivia". It was fun to gather all of the old wives tales from google and create the little trivia cards. We had 7 general questions, and then 3 questions based off of my pregnancy!

The bonus Round!
1) What is Baby Jimenez' average heartrate? (140)
2) What has been Erin's number one craving? ( Peanut Butter / Cuban Food)
3) What day did we find out we were expecting? (Chris' birthday!)

It was fun to listen to everyone shout out answers, and try to make me blush.

Directly after the trivia we moved over to the voting board and split into teams!

Team Mustache and Team Bow!

The two teams were given clues and had to run through the house searching for the answer. The final clue read:

He or She? 
Come to the Dining Room and be the first to see! 

Once in the dining room everyone waited with great excitement to see what was going to happen next (It was great!) Then ... out appears my husband with a giant bouquet of dark balloons!! 

Confusion, speculation EVERYTHING you can imagine was being whispered as he slowly made his way through the sea of excited people and got everyone in a circle. 

First, he gave a balloon to each grand parent. Then one by one the aunts and uncles recieved a balloon and each couple also got one. 

At the count of 3, everyone popped the balloon and out exploaded (EXPLOADED!!) Pink, Purple and Silver confetti!! (a few seconds later) out popped screams of joy as people realized that even though BOY was the popular vote, Baby Jimenez is indeed a girl! 

We are very excited, and feel very blessed that both Baby Girl and I are healthy. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Chase! - Sept. 2nd

Happy Labor Day!

I've got a big busy week, so I wanted to be sure to set some goals! My parents, sisters and brother in law are going to be in town for the big reveal!


  • Walk / Run at least 3 times
  • Finish the Laundry (Walk / Dry / Fold)
  • Decorate for Fall 
  • Clean bathrooms
  • mop floors
  • wash dogs
The Big Reveal! 
  • Finish shopping for the reveal party
Linking up with Mindy and Molly for the weekly chase! 

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