Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bumpdate! - 23 wks & 5 days

The other day I was fixing my hair in the mirror and thought "is that MY belly?" ... Seriously, I don't know when it got that big - but it did! I still feel fabulous, and am totally honored to be able to run.

I've had a couple of funny moments that I thought i'd share.

Baby Flutters & Rat Terriers! 
As you know, I have the most beautiful Rat Terriers in the world (Mom moment? - yeah, I'm a little biased). My dear sweet Romeo has been OBSESSED with my belly. He just absolutely LOVES to have either his head or paw on my belly. Baby girl has been super active lately, and the other day when Romeo was leaning on my belly she kicked him. It must have been pretty hard because it completely startled him and I got the funniest look from him. So, ... did it make him any less obsessed with my belly? No, in fact he's even MORE in love with my belly.

Lately, I'm crazy about Cheetos. I just can't get enough. I know that I shouldn't eat them because of the processed cheese and all - but seriously? how can you stop when it's just so delicious?!?! - I ate a family size bag in 2 days.

Now what? 
Starting in October we go from appointments every 4 weeks to having them every 2 weeks. AAAHHH ALREADY? When my Doctor told me that I said "What? already?" she laughed and said "Erin, you'll be in your 3rd trimester at our next appointment"
That shocked me, and made me realize that


Not only is time flying, but I have SO little time to think that I have no idea when we're going to get Baby Girls nursery set up. If Chris is feeling better by Saturday (he's been sick all week) we are going to head on over to BuyBuyBaby and register! - That should be a fun adventure, and help me at least feel like I'm getting things done.

Question: What types of goals did you set for yourself when you were pregnant? Or anyone too fast?
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