Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Chase! Sept. 10th

This week is another busy week for me! If you read about my chase last week you saw that we were preparing to announce the gender of our baby. 

Well, it's a girl!! 

Feel free to check out yesterday's post for a YouTube video on how we announced. 

I'm also happy to report that I completed all of my goals from last week except 1. I only walked once. BUT! I walked back and forth across campus many days at work so that counts as daily activity (ESP. When it's done in heels - right?)

This week! 
1) design a closet concept for the baby girl.

2) set a budget for baby furniture 

3) run 2 miles on Tuesday 

4) run the Zoo Run (5k) on Sunday! 

I'm really excited about the zoo run! Mostly because I love animals, the zoo, running, and... lol. I'm just excited! 

What are you chasing this week?  What tips do you have to keep this pregnant lady motivated to work out!? 

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