Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Chase!

Road Runner Girl

Last week, I posted my goals here

Here's how I did. 

1) Design a closet concept for the baby girl. - Yeah, thanks to Pinterest I have officially thought up an idea for the closet. Now, I just gotta get my husband to help me complete it! 

2) set a budget for baby furniture - Yes! Crib picked, dresser picked

3) Run two miles on Tuesday. - Nope! lol, I did not and I have no excuses! 

4) Run the Zoo Run - Yes! My goal was to complete the 5K in under an hour and at 52 minutes and 4 seconds, this mom-to-be met her goal! 

This week, I'm chasing... 

Fitness - 
1) Walk atleast 1 mile 2 days this week.
2) Miami Children's 5K - don't go over 55 minutes

Food - 
1) Eat less sweets - I've been a bad girl lately. 
2) Continue to drink lots of water.

Baby - 
1) Empty everything out of the baby's room and find a new home OR donate

What are you chasing this week? 

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