Saturday, October 5, 2013

Unrequited love...

Unrequited love. 

You know, that one-sided love that makes a good romantic comedy? I'm beginning to believe that my love for the Tower of Terror 10-miler is a little one sided, and here's why. 

2012 - The inaugural 10-miler... I wanted to go SO badly. Prince Charming and I had recently started running and we weren't sure if we were able to actually do a 10-miler. When we finally got the courage to register it was sold out. Sooo, at around midnight the night of the inaugural 10-miler my husband and I were still awake, reading all the tweets, looking at all the instagram pictures wishing SO badly that we were there. ... and then... my husband says to me "We're going next year, we just HAVE TO!" 

February 2013, we were at the Expo for our very first half marathon and while everyone was all excited about pre-registering for the Wine and Dine Prince Charming and I registered for the TOT 10-miler. 

May 2013, I found out I was expecting! Not too long after that I realized that I was going to have to defer my Goofy Challenge (Obviously because my due date is 6 days after the Marathon!). What I was not prepared for was deferring the TOT. 

September 2013, I talked to my doctor about my running schedule and asked if I should defer... Of course, I wasn't surprised when I was told I should defer and stick with 5k's for the rest of my pregnancy -  it was just a little hard to swallow. I SO badly wanted to be in Disney partying with all those villains... I think I was in denial because I waited until the very last day to defer and event then. ... I made Prince Charming do the honors of deferring us. 

Present Day, I'm still watching twitter and instagram to  can everyone on. - But, you better believe that I've already thought about our outfits for the 2014 TOT- 10 miler and asked my family to save the date so they could babysit! 

Why Tower of Terror? Why Disney's Hollywood Studios? 

March 2008, Prince Charming and I were driving to Disney ... approaching the gates ... and he asks me "How do you want to spend the day? Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Hollywood Studios?" I'd always dreamed of getting engaged at the Castle under the fireworks, but I was convinced there was NO way I was getting engaged that day. ... (so convinced I didn't even put on make up or do my hair, I just put on shorts and a shirt and went to Disney!) that I said "let's go to Hollywood!" So, away we went!  

Around lunch time Prince Charming offered to take me to The Brown Derby for lunch. (Still clueless) I offered to sit on a bench and share a turkey leg instead... It took him a LOT of convincing to get me to the restaurant.  It was there at a small table over a Cobb salad and an apple martini a he proposed. ... 

So, why Hollywood Studios? Because a piece of my heart will forever be linked to that memory. 

Someday we'll be back, and ready to build another memory to treasure. 2013 may not be the year, and you know what ... 2014 might not either BUT someday I'll party with those villains!! 

Is there a run you feel as though you have an unrequited love for? 
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