Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 27 - Bumpdate!

How did this happen? How am I already in the very last week of Trimester 2? It feels like only a few days ago that we were celebrating my husbands birthday, and that little word "Pregnant" on the home test!

That little glimmer I saw on the ultrasound screen on June 5th, has grown into an estimated two pound baby girl! I might be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure she's GORGEOUS!

So on to the bumpdate!

Baby Size
According to my pregnancy emails, Baby Girl is about the size of a head of cauliflower and weighs roughly two pounds.

How are you feeling?
That wonderful question that everyone wants to know. Here's how I've been feeling.
All things considered, I feel great. I have no real complaints. What are "all things"? My belly is much bigger, and due to the changes in my body I tire more quickly. It's hard for me to accept that sometimes carrying my purse up the stairs to my condo is exhausting. - I understand WHY, I just don't like it.  Another joy of Baby Jimenez is the fact that my body temperature can go from normal to covered in sweat in about 25 seconds. I'm looking forward to lower fall, winter temperatures soon.

Any sickness?
Still no sickness. (Hooray!)
Just heartburn. - I read an old wives tale that said heart burn is related to hair being grown. Well, I've had serious heartburn for my entire pregnancy, so I'm getting pretty nervous that I might give birth to Chewbacca. ...

Staying Active for two. 
My running has slowed down, but I'm still at it. I owe you guys some re-caps - they're coming soon! In addition to walking and running, I put myself of a squat challenge. I'm doing squats for a couple reasons.
1) They help keep your back and legs strong
2) It's just another non-weighted exercise that's safe for pregnant woman!

I have my next appointment on Thursday. During this appointment, I have to take the GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) - I'm NOT looking forward to that one. I had a scare early on (My sugars like spiked suddenly) but I was able to get it under control. I'm praying all is still well, and Baby Jimenez and I remain healthy.

After Thursday I've hit the next level of appointments. Yep. I get to go see my doctor every two weeks for a bit - then I move to every week, then BABY!!!!

Baby Prep!
Now that Prince Charming is in the downward slope of the semester, and graduation is so close we can almost hear the cheers - we have been moving right along with our check lists! Last Saturday Prince Charming's Dad and Mom came over with the crib and helped us set it up (a.k.a. the boys set it up, while the girls watched).  I'm also trying to get the room ready for after our showers.

My sisters are throwing me a shower in Tampa on November 2nd. I'm SUPER excited, it's a Storybook theme and everyone has been asked to bring a book for Baby Jimenez!

On November 16th, my other sister (The Jimenez sister) is throwing me a backyard tea party! The whole thing is super girly and I can't wait for that one either!!

I feel so spoiled, and excited!!

Baby Jimenez is on her way, expected due date is just about 91 days away.


Question: Has 2013 flown by for anyone else?
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