Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Chase! 10/7/13

How was your weekend? I had a really productive weekend at home. I finally got that giant pile of laundry folded and I think Prince Charming woke up and realized we are having a baby. - Because, I think he was nesting.

In one afternoon he cleaned out the babies room, glued the loose boards on the floor, put together the closet (a few times with a few trips to Home Depot), changed the battery in the smoke detector, and changed the faucets on two sinks.

So, nesting is not only real - it has hit my family.

On Sunday we celebrated Prince Charming's Great Grandmother's 100th Birthday! It was so beautiful to see her surrounded by family and so happy.  Isn't she the cutest?

So, now that you know about my weekend - let's recap my week!

Weekly Chase. 

1) Walk 4 days. - Only walked once.
2) Fold the mountain of clothing - DONE!
3) Have Fun! - Yes.

This week, I'm chasing ...

1) Walk on Tuesday, Thursday
2) The Color Run!
3) Do my Squat Challenge! 

Three simple goals, with no house or baby goals because ...

My husband will be working on his Comprehensive Exams this week. If you're unfamiliar with what that is ... basically, before you graduate with your masters degree you have to pass these "comprehensive exams". ... It's super stressful, and it's the last big step before Prince Charming can graduate.  Anyway, I'm really, really, really proud of my husband. Graduate school hasn't been the easiest adventure, but an adventure I wouldn't trade in for anything.

So, a lot of celebrating going on in our household! What are you celebrating?

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