Saturday, November 23, 2013

Announcing the 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour!

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Remember a few months ago when I talked about the Happiest 5K on the planet? Well! I'm very excited to have the opportunity to share about 2014 Color Run!

The Color Run can still be referred to as "The Happiest 5K". However, they have re-imagined the race, and in 2014 your Color Run Experience will be different than ever before.

The Color Run returns to Florida in January, and it's sure to be a lot of fun! There's new participant gear, fresh music, and Color crazy race attractions. The 2014 Color Run promises magic as only the Color Run can do! 

The Color Run is a 5K event where all participants (young and old) begin in a white t-shirt and end with an array of colors splashed all over! There are no time constraints, no times, and the rules are to wear as much white as you can and HAVE FUN! 

The focus of The Color Run isn't to "win" or get a qualifying time for another race. The focus is bringing families together, and having fun while being active! 

One of the best parts of The Color Run is that it's safe for  ANYONE to do! Parents, Grandparents, Children, and even Pregnant Runners like me! 

26 Weeks Pregnant, October 2013

Ready to sign up? Be sure to check out the Events page to find The Color Run closest to you

*Florida Runners, here's a couple of options for you!

When you sign up, be sure to save 5 dollars with the discount code COLOR5OFF. Be sure to physically type the code in (don't cut, copy and paste). 

Question: Have you ever done The Color Run? What's your favorite memory? 

*This is a sponsored post, I received 2 free entries for the run in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my very own.*

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Planners, Planning, and when everything goes "wrong" ...

Last weekend was ridiculously busy. So busy, I had to split my recap into two parts. Here's part one for your enjoyment, but let's move on to part 2.

I'm pretty certain it was my calling in life to be a planner. I just LOVE it! I love everything about planning. I find it rewarding to plan and watch plans happen. I find it easy to celebrate the little things when you've planned them.

Clearly, I've been planning my storybook pregnancy since I found out I was expecting. To be honest, everything was super until the Lord sent a clear reminder that HIS plans, aren't always MY plans.

Last Monday, I had the delight of seeing my baby girl on the big screen (ultrasound). My princess is already head down, soooo I didn't get to see her face or much of her profile - BUT the rest of her body sure is cute. :)  After my ultrasound I was to meet with my OB and learn the results of my GTT from Friday (Glucose Tolerance Test). I was so nervous.

I'd read all week about Gestational Diabetes, what it means, what "causes" it, and was pretty confident that if Gestational Diabetes was a part of my journey i'd be okay. However, it clearly wasn't something I wanted to experience.

I stepped on the scale, and had (surprise) lost another pound. Now, officially bringing my pregnancy weight gain to 4 pounds.

Blood Pressure - perfect range for a healthy athlete.

"I'm doing great with this check up!" I thought to myself.

Then, the doctor comes in.

"How are you feeling" ... "Any decrease in fetal movement" ... (You know all the normal third trimester questions). Then, ...

"How do you think you did with the GTT".

I was silent for a moment then, I responded with "I hope I passed, but i'm prepared if I didn't".

My OB is very kind, she paused - looked at me in the eye and said "It's going to be okay... You did fail the GTT. HOWEVER, you barely failed it" She went on to explain the test, my results and the risks of me developing type 2 diabetes in the future.

So yes... I failed it.

What does that mean?

1) I failed the test by 2 points. My actual diagnoses is "Gestational Diabetes Mellitus". I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. But, my understanding is that the difference between GD and GDM is that GDM is more commonly able to be controlled with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

2)  I will now be induced at 39 weeks, to prevent Baby Jimenez from growing too large. - This is something I'm still looking into, because I really don't want to be induced - and I feel like there has to be information out there on WHY I'm now being told that I have to be induced.

3) New diet, Sugar Testing, Urine Testing, and monthly ultrasounds.

I met with the Diabetic Counselor on Friday morning to talk about number 3. Of course, going into the appointment I was a disaster. Although I was anxious and disappointed ... mostly ... I was just sad. I was sad that I wasn't able to outrun GD, I was sad that Baby Jimenez would now be a "statistic". I've read the reports, that babies with mom's who have GD during pregnancy are more likely to develop diabetes and other health problems. I was sad, that THIS was now a part of my journey.

My appointment began by the usual.
Weight and Blood Pressure.

Weight - Lost 2 more pounds (total weight gain is now 2 pounds)
Blood Pressure - Still at perfect health.

The Diabetic Counselor was lovely. Her first words to me were, "you can do this!" I know she probably says that you everyone - BUT- it's nice to hear. She then asked me about a thousand questions about my health, my family history, and Chris' health. After that exhausting task I was handed a folder and probably ten different pamphlets of information.

I was doing well until she said "You know, after baby you might want to consider getting on a weight loss regiment".


I smiled, and said "may I tell you something? I understand that I am still considered overweight, and that I need to lose weight. However, prior to my pregnancy I lost over 50 pounds through running and a modified diet. I am confident that post baby I will be able to continue on my journey to a healthy weight".

She paused. Smiled back and said "I apologize, Congratulations!".

To be honest - once I got that off my chest, we were both more open with one another about this new lifestyle.

The Lifestyle.

From now until December 6th, I will have to test my sugars four times a day and my urine once a day. I log all the information and then email it to the counselor twice a week. On December 6th, (my birthday) we have another appointment to see the baby (growth ultrasound) and check in with the counselor. If i've been able to keep everything under control with diet and exercise I will get to decrease the amount of finger pricks.

How's it going?
So far, everything has been good! My sugars have been normal with the diet, and I've even almost adjusted to testing my blood.  I will never cease to be amazed at the level of love my husband must have for me. He's held my hand, and dried my tears as i've learned to adjust to this new lifestyle. He's always supportive, and has even changed his eating to mimic mine. He's reading labels, giving meal suggestions and just loving me through it.

How's the baby?
The baby is fabulous. She's healthy, active, not too big, not too small and we love her sooo much.

about those plans. ...
You know, the Lord has a way of revealing his truth to us when we most need it. As I've learned about my new lifestyle, and adjusted my plans to have everything ready for baby a little sooner I have found comfort in the scriptures. As much as I love to plan, I must learn to rely on Christ and remember that HIS way is perfect. So, He's still working on me. May I be willing to learn from this experience.

Any fellow "Type-A" personalities out there have their plans changed unexpectedly? - How do you deal? 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekend Rewind - Part 1

My weekend is so busy, and so packed full of adventure that I thought i'd split it into two parts!

Part 1: Friday & Saturday
Glucose, Driving Ms. Erin, a Wild Walk & Painting ...

Earlier this week I shared with the world that I was facing another 3-hour glucose test. I was able to pass the test earlier in my pregnancy so I'm praying I'll pass it again. My wonderful supportive husband took the day off work to sit in a freezing lab with me.

We arrived right on time, I had been fasting all night and with only a small glass of water for breakfast I anxiously waited to be called in for the first blood draw. ...

Well, it came, and I was so brave. I feel like the tech and I have become life-long friends with the amount of times I've sat in her chair as she draws my blood. She drew my blood, gave me the glucose and then ... the clock started. I was to sit in the chair on the hour for the next three hours.

She called me back for draw two, and asked if I had thrown up, or if I was about too.

I guess I can't hide anything from her!  I told her I was feeling very nauseated but was trying to hold it together because there was NO WAY I was going through this AGAIN! (If you vomit, you have to start over on a different day!)

Draw 3, she rubbed my back as I walked down the hall way to the chair and said "you're looking really pale, are you sure you're going to make it?" I smiled politely and said 2 more and I can have a cheese burger right?

Draw 4, I'm pretty sure I practically danced down the hall to get the blood drawn.

So, my blood has been drawn, and i'll have the results during my next appointment (Monday).

If I have Gestational Diabetes, it's just a part of the journey. I'll probably cry a few more tears, but in the end I will press on.

Sooo, after ALL that I had to go get my Drivers License renewed. And, lucky for ME I got a nice little letter in the mail that asked me to physically come in and possibly re-take all the driving tests. ...


Yep! I had to dig up like 5 different types of identification, go in, pray they didn't make me re-take the driving skills, or other driving test, re-take my picture and renew my drivers license.

Thankfully, I only had to take my vision test and the woman behind the counter took my picture asked me for my money and sent me on my way.


I actually read the Drivers Manual in preparation though.

We made it home, and my husband got to work trimming the ceiling to prep for painting, we went to dinner with friends and THEN after all that ... we had Youth Group at our church.

By 10:00 p.m., I was asleep!

The calendar turned to Saturday and we were up early for the Miami Youth for Christ Wild Run! Still feeling a little blah from Friday, I was dragging - so we missed the start of the run. I whined and complained for the first mile and a half then, pulled it together and actually ran some for the second half.

We came home, I took a nap while Chris practiced his guitar (he's playing a song for his cousins upcoming wedding) and then we had a quick bite to eat before he headed to his internship.

While at his internship, I watched some movies and continued to prep the house for painting.

I despise spackeling so much!

I took another nap, and waited for him to return.

Around 4, he came home and we got right to work painting. Equipped with my face mask, I went to work trimming (I also despise trimming - it's such a long boring process). We finished up, I cooked dinner and we headed on over to Starbucks so Chris work on homework. ...

Tomorrow marks week 30 of my pregnancy, and we just can't WAIT to meet our little Princess.  She already brings so much joy into our lives, and I'm looking forward to being her mom!

How has your Holiday Weekend been so far?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekly Chase & Bumpdate

Here I sit, on a Wednesday evening typing up my weekly chase. I know, I know ... the week is half over - why not just skip it? Well, the truth is ... I just wasn't ready to talk about my goals from last week. 

You may remember one of my bumpdates, I talked about the dreaded GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). It's just a part of pregnancy. The doctor asks you to fast from midnight until you appointment. 1 hour before your appointment, you drink the most disgusting sugar loaded fluid you've ever imaged and then they take your blood and test it.  Yeah, ... not fun! Also in your third trimester they test your iron levels and in my case, my doctor ordered some other tests to check on my overall health. By the time you leave, you are exhausted and hungry!

I was no stranger to the GTT because early in my pregnancy, my sugar levels were elevated so to be safe I was tested for Gestational Diabetes (GD). I failed the 1-hour test by 2 or 3 points, and was asked to take the 3 hour test. Thankfully, I passed the 3 hour test with no problem and continued on my healthy pregnancy journey.

Fast forward back to my Third Trimester GTT. I was a little concerned, but not scared. Like I said, I was no stranger to the test, I understood everything about it and what it meant. My only concern was not throwing up the sugar-filled-gross beverage between drinking it, and having my blood drawn. Other than that, I wasn't too worried.

I had the screening on a Thursday.

Friday - no news.

Monday - no news.

Tuesday, I woke up and thought "phew, I must have passed this one!"

It was around 10:30 a.m. when I was interrupted during a meeting.

"Erin, it's your doctor - she'd like to speak with you urgently." Immediately, my heart sank. I picked up the phone, and listened carefully to all she had to say.

Turns out, I didn't slightly fail my GTT as done before - I totally failed it! To continue on with the  bad news I was also now anemic.

"So what are the next steps" I calmly asked ...

I am to take the 3 hour GTT test (again!) and we will go from there, as far as the anemia I am to increase my iron eaten in food and be re-tested before taking additional supplements.

So, if you're wondering how I did with my Weekly Chase? ... Not good.

I scheduled my three hour GTT, sent a text to my husband and family and continued on with my meeting. I was a complete mess. ...

As soon as the meeting ended, I did what any normal person would do. I went into the bathroom and cried. I cried, and cried, and cried. ... As soon as I thought I could face the world, I went back to my desk and promptly cried again.

I sat quietly at my desk and worked through the tears. I got in the car and cried all the way home, and then...

I made a decision.

If, I'm diagnosed with GD (Gestational Diabetes) I am going to have to make some serious changes. Changes that are actually GOOD for me. If I'm not diagnosed, I still should make some of those changes because (like I said) the changes are good.

So what were the changes?

1) I made a list of things I was thankful for in regards to this particular pregnancy.
a. If I had gotten pregnant before I lost 60 pounds, I might have started my pregnancy a diabetic.
b. I haven't been sick - at all!
c. I have a husband who is supportive, and will support me on this journey no matter what.
d. I'm pregnant.

2) I went to the grocery store and filled my cart with healthy, fresh foods, eggs and other "superfoods".

3) I began to track my calories, sugar, carbs and protein in MyFitnessPal.

If I am diagnosed with GD, I figured it was better to have started on my low carb, low sugar lifestyle as early as possible and if not, I plan to continue a better way of eating until Baby Girl comes. Yes, i'll have cake at my baby showers, and an occasional treat here and there - but most importantly, I will think of the effects on both me AND Baby Jimenez with each bite of food I take.

No more plates of milk and cookies - just because "i'm pregnant".

My 3 hour GTT test is on Friday, and I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday. If you are a praying person, I ask that you lift me up in prayers as I'm feeling a little discouraged and scared.  My prayer isn't necessarily that i'd "pass the GTT" but that I'd have the strength to accept whatever news the results bring and that Baby Jimenez and I would continue to remain as healthy as possible during the next phase of pregnancy.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baby Shower!!!

Today is my baby shower. Hosted by my two sisters and I'm super excited! 

It's a storybook theme. 

Can't wait to recap everything. 

Question: what are some of the best baby shower games, menu items, themes you've seen?? 

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