Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekend Rewind - Part 1

My weekend is so busy, and so packed full of adventure that I thought i'd split it into two parts!

Part 1: Friday & Saturday
Glucose, Driving Ms. Erin, a Wild Walk & Painting ...

Earlier this week I shared with the world that I was facing another 3-hour glucose test. I was able to pass the test earlier in my pregnancy so I'm praying I'll pass it again. My wonderful supportive husband took the day off work to sit in a freezing lab with me.

We arrived right on time, I had been fasting all night and with only a small glass of water for breakfast I anxiously waited to be called in for the first blood draw. ...

Well, it came, and I was so brave. I feel like the tech and I have become life-long friends with the amount of times I've sat in her chair as she draws my blood. She drew my blood, gave me the glucose and then ... the clock started. I was to sit in the chair on the hour for the next three hours.

She called me back for draw two, and asked if I had thrown up, or if I was about too.

I guess I can't hide anything from her!  I told her I was feeling very nauseated but was trying to hold it together because there was NO WAY I was going through this AGAIN! (If you vomit, you have to start over on a different day!)

Draw 3, she rubbed my back as I walked down the hall way to the chair and said "you're looking really pale, are you sure you're going to make it?" I smiled politely and said 2 more and I can have a cheese burger right?

Draw 4, I'm pretty sure I practically danced down the hall to get the blood drawn.

So, my blood has been drawn, and i'll have the results during my next appointment (Monday).

If I have Gestational Diabetes, it's just a part of the journey. I'll probably cry a few more tears, but in the end I will press on.

Sooo, after ALL that I had to go get my Drivers License renewed. And, lucky for ME I got a nice little letter in the mail that asked me to physically come in and possibly re-take all the driving tests. ...


Yep! I had to dig up like 5 different types of identification, go in, pray they didn't make me re-take the driving skills, or other driving test, re-take my picture and renew my drivers license.

Thankfully, I only had to take my vision test and the woman behind the counter took my picture asked me for my money and sent me on my way.


I actually read the Drivers Manual in preparation though.

We made it home, and my husband got to work trimming the ceiling to prep for painting, we went to dinner with friends and THEN after all that ... we had Youth Group at our church.

By 10:00 p.m., I was asleep!

The calendar turned to Saturday and we were up early for the Miami Youth for Christ Wild Run! Still feeling a little blah from Friday, I was dragging - so we missed the start of the run. I whined and complained for the first mile and a half then, pulled it together and actually ran some for the second half.

We came home, I took a nap while Chris practiced his guitar (he's playing a song for his cousins upcoming wedding) and then we had a quick bite to eat before he headed to his internship.

While at his internship, I watched some movies and continued to prep the house for painting.

I despise spackeling so much!

I took another nap, and waited for him to return.

Around 4, he came home and we got right to work painting. Equipped with my face mask, I went to work trimming (I also despise trimming - it's such a long boring process). We finished up, I cooked dinner and we headed on over to Starbucks so Chris work on homework. ...

Tomorrow marks week 30 of my pregnancy, and we just can't WAIT to meet our little Princess.  She already brings so much joy into our lives, and I'm looking forward to being her mom!

How has your Holiday Weekend been so far?

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