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13 in 2013 - Completed!

Last year I set a goal of completing 13 races in 2013. When May rolled around, and I found out I was expecting ... I wasn't sure that I'd be able to finish - but I DID!

About the Challenge. 

Here's a couple shots from my 13 in 2013 journey (in no order)

In case you are interested, you can check my race schedule at the top of the screen to see a complete list of runs I participated in and below are a few of the recaps for your enjoyment.

First 1/2 Marathon! 

Iron Girl 1/2 Marathon!

Zoo Run - 22 wks along

May 5 by the 5th 5K

When I began 2013, I had dreams of finishing the Goofy Challenge in early January. As you know, I'm currently expecting our first child and due DURING MARATHON WEEKEND! Soo, my 2013 goals had to change. Instead of Marathon Training for the last half of the year, I focused more on the health of myself and Baby Jimenez. I'm pretty excited for her to get here, and to celebrate her first birthday at Disney in 2015 when I'll finally (Lord Willing) be a…

Full Term Baby? - Week 37 Bumpdate!

AAHHHH!!! We are two days away from having a "Full Term Baby"! Do you know what that means?? It means that Baby Jimenez can come at anytime, and she will be fully developed. Of course, there are some serious health benefits for her to continue to develop inside the womb for the final 3 weeks of gestation. However, if she decided to come a little earlier than 40 weeks all would be well.

I CANNOT believe how fast my pregnancy flew. I have loved being pregnant! It's been a lot of fun bonding with my husband, learning new things, watching my body do some amazing things, running and interacting with the baby - truly it's one of the highlights of my entire life. I'm so thankful for this experience.

Here's a photo of how I look.

If you are a math whiz, you will notice that my due date and pregnancy week don't add up. Yes, you are correct. Since I developed Gestational Diabetes, we will be inducing me (unless Baby comes sooner) on January 10th.  I'm still feel…

Number 5

Today's post is brought to you by the Number 5!

On this day 5 years ago, I had the privilege of becoming the wife of @cjmnz8. It's hard to believe that he has been in my life since December 1999. When we met in the dining hall of the summer camp during a staff reunion, I never imaged that he'd be my husband someday. 

As I reflect on the many years of our friendship, relationship and marriage I can only think of one thing... 

The LORD has done great things for us... (Psalm 126:3)
As we anticipate the arrival of Baby Jimenez, I'm thankful for the 5 years that we've had with just the two of us. It's been quite an exciting journey and we are very much looking forward to the next chapter in our story! 
Happy 5th Anniversary Christopher, I love you!

Bump Date! - Week 35.5 Weeks!

Here we are, 35.5 weeks pregnant with Baby Jimenez and the countdown is on...

Since I'm being induced (you can read all about why here), I know how many more days I have left to enjoy my pregnancy before Baby Jimenez arrives. So, let the countdown begin.

Countdown to D. Day!
3 weeks and 2 days! - It's absolutely insane to think about that!! I feel like we just found out we were pregnant!!

Are you ready? 
Such a loaded question, and here's the truth.


We still have so many things on the to do list, and I think that I'm secretly avoiding them because as soon as I actually install the car seat, and finish her room, and set up the bassinet I'm afraid time will go EVEN FASTER!!!!

But, it's inevitable that I will be having a baby in 3 weeks sooo, here's my plan.

Friday my husband and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (How did THAT creep up so quickly?). We are going to get up early and take our car into the shop to get the alignment fixed, walk home and t…

Dec. 16th, Weekly Chase!

This weekend I hit the 35 wk mark of my pregnancy, and am officially (as of today) not permitted to travel outside of Miami. 
Sooo, we had an early Christmas celebration with my parents, sisters and grandma at a Condo in Orlando. It was so much fun! 
We even took family photos all matchy-matchy and stuff! 

So how did I do with my goals? 
1) pack for "Christmas weekend" - done, it was last minute but at least it was done! 
2) finish Christmas shopping - done! 
3) walk a mile at least 3 days. - done!!  Monday - 2.1 miles  Tuesday - 1.1 miles  Saturday - 3.1 miles (Pretty Muddy)  Sunday - 2.3 miles 
4) pre-natal yoga and squats 3 days a week. - only did twice... But, I am pretty proud of the mileage I accomplished last week! 
This week starts weekly appointments with my OB and also my husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!! 
So, here's my goals! 
1) walk 3 days this week.  2) celebrate our 5th anniversary  3) finalize the menu for our annual Christmas Eve brunch! 

Bump Date & Weekly Chasing! - Week 34

Weekly Chase? - Yeah, it's been a while since I've shared my goals.

Weekly Chase is a link up with MindyMolly and several other bloggers to share our short term goals!

My Goals:

Pack for "Christmas" - Since I'm going to be full term soon, I won't be able to travel home for Christmas day. So, my family is celebrating Christmas a little early. My parents booked a condo in Orlando, so we will be celebrating Christmas next weekend with the whole family!  Finish Christmas Shopping - Yeah, haha - I had a goal of NOT being 8 months pregnant fighting my way through a mall in South Florida. -All was going well until I realized i'd bought my sister a gift she'd gotten 2 years ago. Walk a mile at least 3 days this week. Do my Squats and Pre-Natal Yoga - at least 3 days this week

So, those are my goals! Now, on to my bump date!! 
As of yesterday, I am officially 34 weeks pregnant, and I'm REALLY not sure how it's already December 9th.  Since Doctors don&…

A Birthday Princess!

A special thank you to my husband who has been treating me like a princess all week (starting with a trip to Disney!)  
I'm looking forward to a fabulous birthday  tomorrow (12/6). I get to see my baby girl and have lunch with my love. 
Pretty excited to kick off my last year in my 20's! 
How would you celebrate your 29th birthday? 

You Can't Out Run GD, and other life lessons...

Since I shared with the world about my struggle with Gestational Diabetes, I've been kind of off the radar. It's not because I'm still struggling, it's simply because my life has been VERY busy!

Although it wasn't ideal to be diagnosed with GD right before my Baby Shower, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, My Husbands Graduation from Graduate School,  Noche Buena, Christmas, New Years and of course the family gatherings in between - but I'm doing okay!

It's been a couple weeks since I begin this journey, and here are the lessons I've learned.

1) To be Thankful.
Not too long ago I would be in tears during my long runs because it was during those times i'd pour my soul out to God asking why? Why wasn't it my turn to be pregnant? Why wasn't a baby part of my journey through life? - Why. ... 

The Lord taught me a lot during those times, and through it all I am reminded that our little baby girl is a gift and I for that precious gift, I am so thankful!