Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bump Date! - Week 35.5 Weeks!

Here we are, 35.5 weeks pregnant with Baby Jimenez and the countdown is on...

Since I'm being induced (you can read all about why here), I know how many more days I have left to enjoy my pregnancy before Baby Jimenez arrives. So, let the countdown begin.

Countdown to D. Day!
3 weeks and 2 days! - It's absolutely insane to think about that!! I feel like we just found out we were pregnant!!

Are you ready? 
Such a loaded question, and here's the truth.


We still have so many things on the to do list, and I think that I'm secretly avoiding them because as soon as I actually install the car seat, and finish her room, and set up the bassinet I'm afraid time will go EVEN FASTER!!!!

But, it's inevitable that I will be having a baby in 3 weeks sooo, here's my plan.

Friday my husband and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (How did THAT creep up so quickly?). We are going to get up early and take our car into the shop to get the alignment fixed, walk home and then have breakfast together.

After breakfast we will re-arrange our bedroom, set up the bassinet and see where we are at with time. Around 12:30, we will head on over to the Mall to pick up Prince Charming's suit (oh, did I mention we have a family wedding to attend this weekend? - yeah, we are super busy this weekend!!), pick up the rest of the supplies I need from Joann Fabric to finish the dresser and hopefully get my hair cut.

My plan is to use the weekend to just stay super focused and get as much done as possible.

Wish me luck!

With a typical pregnancy you have appointments once a week during your third trimester. Well, since I have developed Gestational Diabetes I have the pleasure of going to two different doctors once a week. So, every Monday and every Friday I am either at one place or the other getting checked out. I don't mind all that much because I get to hear Baby Girl's heartbeat, and that is a sound that will NEVER grow old!

How are you feeling? 
I'm still feeling good!! I was able to walk the Pretty Muddy Course on Saturday and have been able to keep really active all the way through. The Braxton Hicks aren't always fun, BUT I just tell myself that it's a GOOD thing, and it will help with birth! - I'm not sure that's REAL, but it's what I tell myself.

The Hospital Bag. 
My girl @runchiquitarun has been on to me lately about the fact that my bag is still not packed. I know, I know ... I'm 3 weeks away from the big day, I need to pack. I had a pre-natal appointment on Monday, and went over ALL my questions about the induction, hospital policies, and random questions so NOW I feel confident that I can start my list of items to pack. So, Karina ... I'm GOING to pack by Wednesday 12/25 - by end of day on Christmas, I'll have my bag packed!

What items would you take? 

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