Monday, December 9, 2013

Bump Date & Weekly Chasing! - Week 34

Weekly Chase? - Yeah, it's been a while since I've shared my goals.

Weekly Chase is a link up with MindyMolly and several other bloggers to share our short term goals!

My Goals:

  1. Pack for "Christmas" - Since I'm going to be full term soon, I won't be able to travel home for Christmas day. So, my family is celebrating Christmas a little early. My parents booked a condo in Orlando, so we will be celebrating Christmas next weekend with the whole family!  
  2. Finish Christmas Shopping - Yeah, haha - I had a goal of NOT being 8 months pregnant fighting my way through a mall in South Florida. -All was going well until I realized i'd bought my sister a gift she'd gotten 2 years ago. 
  3. Walk a mile at least 3 days this week. 
  4. Do my Squats and Pre-Natal Yoga - at least 3 days this week

So, those are my goals! Now, on to my bump date!! 

As of yesterday, I am officially 34 weeks pregnant, and I'm REALLY not sure how it's already December 9th.  Since Doctors don't exactly encourage traveling after full term, I started to get a little bit of cabin fever and begged Prince Charming to take me on vacation! - I think the other reason I'd developed a case of cabin fever is because Prince Charming was in his semester of Graduate School, and therefore - working full time, taking a class, interning AND never missing a single baby appointment! With ALL that, we couldn't just pick up and go on any weekend get-aways, so we had to plan one. 

Since we both had Black Friday off work, my husband took advantage and booked a surprise vacation! He wasn't going to tell me, so of course I was like TOTALLY anxious - because I wanted to know all the details.  His surprise was going well until our reservation packet from DISNEY came in the mail!! I was SOOO excited, but I didn't open it - even when he left the packet on the counter, and all over the house I resisted the temptation and didn't look at the reservation. 

The only information I had was that we were going to the Magic Kingdom, and I needed to make reservations for whatever restaurants I wanted to eat in and ask my Doctor what rides I could ride. 

Let me tell you, the anticipation was out of control! - but it was worth it. My husband blind folded me as we drove into Disney, and then ... well, ... he checked in at the Guard gate and the employee said "Welcome to the Contemporary" ... I completely FROZE and started crying, and then stopped breathing haha. Since I can remember, I've dreamed of staying at the Contemporary, and that dream was a reality!  - It was everything I'd ever dreamed of. (Okay, so my dream was to be walking distance to the front gates of the Magic Kingdom...) 

So, final pre-baby vacation was a total success. Now, on to my bump. 

How are you feeling? 
I had a week of nausea and complete and total exhaustion - which was horrible! I almost didn't do the Turkey Trot (that's how bad it was). But, I did it and felt better afterwards. All was well, and then ... I woke up with a sore throat on my BIRTHDAY that just WON'T GO AWAY!!!!!!!!  

Managing Gestational Diabetes.
I had my appointment with my gestational diabetes counselor last Friday, and got some GREAT news! I've been able to manage my GD so well that I no longer have to test my blood sugars 4x a day 7 days a week! They've backed it down to 4x a day 3 days a week. YAY!!! 

Birth Classes.
Saturday we had our Labor and Delivery class. Okay, my husband is capable of many things. He has done 90% of the cooking since I got pregnant, he's helped with laundry, dishes, cleaning, EVERYTHING I could ask for. One thing he is not capable of ... well, let's just say he doesn't have a very strong stomach, and it's a blessing for both of us that I didn't have morning sickness. 

During our birth class ... they had us watch an actual birth video ... My poor husband, and I BOTH got queasy. Other than that - birth class was really informative, and I got a lot of questions answered, and formulated for my next appointment. 

The Countdown. 
We are less than 5 weeks away from Baby Jimenez' arrival!!! I'm seriously, SO excited!!

What are you plans for Christmas?

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